Top 5 Gadgets That Will Make You Feel Safer At Home

Top 5 Gadgets That Will Make You Feel Safer At Home

Are you afraid of darkness? Well, probably. Needless to say, many people are afraid to even when they are inside their home. Is there any meaning in being afraid though you are among the four walls of your crib? However, you can’t say that someone won’t stumble upon your bedroom and hit you in the head with a rod or something hard and finally, you might end up in a ward or maybe in a coffin, and the stumbler will take away what he came for (mainly money). Hence, you must try to prevent those ‘bitch-you-better-not-be-here’ sort of situation and be safe at your home. Here are a few gadgets that will make you feel way safer at home:

Top 5 Gadgets That Will Make You Feel Safer At Home


Time to turn your Android phone into a virtual key to your home. Well, is that even possible? Yeah, there’s a gadget, August, which will baptize your smartphone or even iWatch to be a key for doors in your home. Now, you don’t need to bother locking your doors with those bunch of keys (August will automatically lock your doors, so no more hassle was searching for the right one). August will keep track of who comes or goes, to and from, your home as the assigned virtual keys are logged into the system. As a side note, you can also decide at what time your friends and guests (not during the night, right?) can access the doors. These are the current fuse crunch tech news.


Fire! Run away!!!” How many of you have been through this sort of situation? Latest News has a separate section for enhancement of home security, and a fire alarm has become a basic addition to making your home more secure. Novi is a smart smoke detector (fire alarm, let’s say) with three amazing features; a motion sensor, a 170 degree HD camera (this thing records in real time) and a 90dB siren. Novi also has a smartphone app, which will inform you if any action is detected by the above-mentioned stuff. Time to scare the shit out of that burglar.


Have you heard ever of keyless door locks? Wait! You don’t need to remove the old fashioned key locks, which you have been using in your home to adapt to keyless ones. Here comes Bolt, which will lock your doors through your smartphone and you don’t even need an internet connection for this. Bolt works with Bluetooth consuming relatively less juice and it also allows you to share access code with your families or guests. Moreover, you will also be notified each time a door gets locked using Bolt. And the most interesting of all, the proximity sensor will automatically unlock the doors for you.

Samsung Smart Home

A hub, motion sensor, a pair of multi-sensors and an outlet make up the Samsung Smart Home security system. Mix up all these stuff to have a real-time monitoring system deployed in your home. The video captured by this device remains unharmed for a month and of course, this system is easy to set up. One tip for you… Use SSH to keep an eye on people or cars loitering around your home. And yeah, this system is a must-have for the Samsung fans out there.


Powered by a wide-angle HD camera paired with 1 GB storage as well as night vision camera plus, motion detector, temperature monitor and proximity sensor, Kibbe is a smart home security guy, which will do it all for you. You can connect Kibbi’s sensors with each and every doors and window (not iOS, lol!) in your home and then sleep on the couch. Kibbi is probably the only device with all those bulky features packed in one place.

Always remember that a smart home needs smart protection (I’m pretty sure you live in a smart home). Hey! You don’t need to spend heck sum of money on those CCTVs available in the market. Just install any one of the reasonable alternatives we mentioned above and saw the magic. Be safe. It may be silly to have gadgets protecting you, but hey, it is a new era we live in, and we should all adjust.





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