Micro Chipping the Pets for Refraining from Lost Cases

According to the new law that has come up in the Waco city, each and every pet that is registered needs to be micro chipped and this is an initiative that would help in keeping a track of pets; thus leading to a sigh of relief for the owners as well as the animal agencies. To fully cater to the passed ordinance, the clinic for animal labour control will ensure that free microchips are provided to the pets at the clinic on Sunday. This ordinance is primarily for all the residents of Waco city who wither own a cat or a dog as a part of their family. These animals would be spayed, neutered and finally micro chipped.
Micro ChippingMeeting the Needs of the Citizens
According to the ordinance passed by the Waco city, the dogs as well as cats should all be accounted for in terms of micro chipping at the latest by 01 January, 2014. This statement was issued by one Carrie Kuehl, who is better known as the executive director for the clinic of birth control for animals. To meet the requirements of the citizens, the clinic is hosting free camps for the pets of the residents and these camps will try their best to meet the deadline specified. The intention of this chip would be to assist the residents of the Waco city by assuring them that even if the pets stray and lose the way to their home, the founder would be able to track the owner based on the chip installed.
Free to Meet the Needs of the Citizens
Owing to the free micro chips that would be provided to the residents with cats as well as dogs, the residents can rest assure that financial burden on them over this affair would be minimal to none. With approximately 100 or more micro chips being offered to the pets without levying any charge on the pockets of the owners, the clinic as well as the city of Waco is indeed doing a great deed. For availing these free micro chips that would add to the reduction of risks in pets getting lost, there are no appointments required and all that the owners of pets need to do is to walk in with their water bills for proving residency.
Phenomenon of Operation of Chips for Pets & Owners
If a pet is lost and is found by the facility, the foremost step initiated by the staff members of the facility or any other is to look for the planted micro chip. The size of such a chip is approximately equal to a rice grain and owing to that, it can be easily injected right between the animal’s shoulder blades. The functioning of the chip involves data that is stored on a web based DBMS which carries the full whereabouts of the pet such as the name, age, contact information of the attending vet, description, address of the residence and the information of the owner including name, contact number as well as e mail.

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