Safe Transport for the Players

Uber announced its venture into the National Football League by striking a deal where safe transportation modes would be provided by the company for the players of the NFL. This deal was struck by Uber, just a few days after striking a deal with one of the biggest players in information technology, namely Google. Google as well as TPG had recently invested a handsome sum of two hundred and fifty eight million dollars with the tech powered service provider of transportation. Uber is forming an association with the National Football League owing to which the players of the association would be able to call for free rides as & when they desire; thus refraining them from driving under influence or driving while induced.
Uber announced its venture into the National Football LeagueFirst of a Kind Deal with a Sport Organization
This deal is one of a kind deal that has been brought into realization by the organization. The deal clearly speaks about the manner in which Uber is coming up and targeting a more selective audience apart from the early audience of the services. Based on this, it has also been estimated that the organization is bound to strike up more deals of similar nature. Based on the reports, the organization is finding itself more publicized and gaining the attention of a variety of attention owing to the sign up with such a premier sport association and this publicity is bound to increase.
Talking Point in the Conference
Based upon the partnering with one of the major football association’s, the talk of a major press conference was this deal. Many believe that striking a deal with the NFL can turn out to be a major marketing role player and add to the publicity of the company. According to the statement given by DeMaurice Smith, who is the executive director of the NFLPA, the main motive behind the deal with the Uber is to ensure that the players can get from one destination to another at any time of the day; while simultaneously ensuring their safety as well as safety. According to Smith, this deal has brought in state of art technology for keeping the players safe and transporting them as per their desire.
Tackling the Problem at the Roots of Sports
According to the Executive director, the amount of money that the players or the association has had to bear due to driving under influence is somewhere close to over five million dollars and this amount of fine has come as a part of salary and in part as fines. Apart from these fines, there have been incidents where players have even met the fate of death owing to drinking and driving. Smith continued to state that offering the players with a safe mode of transport for getting safely to home is not the way to tackle with the problem of drinking and hence is not a permanent solution; however as the safe transport would decrease the amount of fines as well as injuries sustained, it is a viable method to go for.

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