Smart Watches are the New Technology & Trend Setters

Starting from health monitors and ending up in smart watches, the age of technology is on a consistent rise. For the most part, these items are shrinking in size and are starting to appear in the form of wearable. Based on the report by credit Suisse, by the end of year 2017, the market of these wearable items that would be small in size and would be advanced in technology would be somewhere around fifty billion dollars. According to reports, majority mobile phone manufacturers are turning their attention to the development of the next big thing, i.e. smart watches which would be sleek, trends and stylish to wear.
Smart WatchesChanging to the Smart Watch Appeal
According to reports given by technology experts, these smart watches would cater to almost every possible feature that is currently being hosted by a smart phone and thus might even lead to a change in appeal from the phones to the hand wearable items. As is a known fact that smart phones are getting bigger by the day and hence to the rescue would be these elegant pieces of technology that would easily fit the wearer’s arm irrespective of the age or gender. These smart watches would be a relief for the consumers carrying bulky five inch phones for all their needs.
Samsung Might be Ahead in Technology
According to reports, Samsung is going to be the first one to manufacture these wearable pieces of technology and the label would be “Galaxy Gear”. The first Samsung watch would be on display in Berlin which would occur prior to the occurrence of the IFA exhibition. The technical features as well as aspects of the watched were already leaked; hence the consumers already have a fair idea on the details that would be hosted by the galaxy gear.
Features Exhibited by technology
Owing to the advanced and superior technology of the watch, there are hosts of features that are inculcated in the device. Among the list of features, a few important ones that can be exploited for their functionality is the ability to make calls as well as send and receive e mails and text messages. The device also has the capability of Bluetooth; thus ensuring that the streaming if music, data as well as other media files over the Bluetooth technology. With this “Galaxy Gear”, Samsung is hoping that they will create an entirely new trend; thus ensuring that the customers would not have to rely solely on their phones.
Enhancing the Existing Technology   
This new hand wear is meant to enhance the existing technology of the smart phones and adds to its features by creating a seamless link between the phone and the hand watch. Based on the statement given by Lee Young who is the acting vice president for the mobile business division of Samsung, the galaxy gear will not focus on flexible display. There are predictions that the smart watch by Samsung might not act as game changer; however would be rather worn as an accessory of style; thus giving Apple Corporation the edge to build an entirely new device with a better appeal.

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