Shell Hosts Contests For Automotive Enthusiasts

Shell Hosts Contests For Automotive Enthusiasts

Over the entire last month, the there has been a lot of buzz related to the “Ultimate Enthusiast” challenge which is a part of the Shell power initiative. This buzz has mostly been shared by enthusiasts or people who have passion for the industry. This contest is focussed on encouraging the enthusiasts on explaining the reason behind them becoming automobile enthusiasts and the first time when this passion of theirs began. The enthusiasts are capable of illustrating the automotive dreams using this contest and that too by the use of their own choice in time, destination, companion, place which will create the dream automotive experience.

Shell Hosts Contests For Automotive Enthusiasts

Stating the Automotive Passion

From the beginning of the contest till date, there have been numerous enthusiasts who have showed great interest in elaborating their stories related to the experience they have faced. Majority enthusiasts are keen on explaining their stories which range from a simple attendance in a car show or spotting a vintage car which made them enthusiastic about these powerful vehicles. The participants were even initiated upon describing the stories when they first started dreaming about their first car; thus leading up to this point where they were planning to become “Ultimate Enthusiast”.

Automotive Enthusiasts with their Stories

At the contest, the enthusiasts were ahead in showing that their passionate moments which led them to be fond of cars. These moments ranged from the smallest thing to some much bigger events and ranged from their childhoods to something that happened in the recent past. The love of the contestants for cars grew and ranged from watching their families fix cars for a living and then even growing up to pursue a career of the like. According to the fuel manager at Shell oils, one Elizabeth Hudson stated that these contestants from different backgrounds and from different places in society were quite eager to share their story.

Developing Shell V for Better Power

According to Elizabeth Hudson, the care and love that is showed by these enthusiasts towards the cars as well as the emphasis that is put by such contestants on efficiency as well as power is the key driving factor for the organization to develop such high powered fuel that exhibits pure quality. Each & every entry is being looked into with the same enthusiasm as is exhibited by the contestants. The aim of this automotive contest is to find the most enthusiastic individual related to vehicles.

Testing the Automotive Talent

Shell has teamed up with enthusiasts as well as automotive insiders so that the crown the winner of the grand prize. Among the judges this year comes, Taylor who was there for the enthusiasts of the previous year as well. Apart from that, Roger Penske is the new addition to the panel of the judges along with Craig Jackson who is the CEO of a leading auction company. Others in the panel include Eddie Alterman & Larry Webster who is the editor of the leading Road and Track. To join these enthusiasts is the drag car racing champ Don.

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