Tourism Creates a Mark in Virginia

In Virginia, the travelling as well as tourism industry grew a flaunting four per cent and this was showcased by the figures released on Wednesday. According to statistics that were based on the study that was conducted, the travellers spent approximately over twenty one billion dollars in the year 2012. According to the governor, Bob McDonnell, the tourism department of Virginia is continuing to generate revenue and will continue to do so along with the creation of jobs; thus creating a means of livelihood for the people. The governor further stated that that the state has worked in coordination with both parties; thus ensuring that this industry keeps on seeing a consistent boom; thus leading to the generation of revenue as well as jobs.
Tourism Creates a Mark in VirginiaTravel Generating Jobs
According to the Governor Bob McDonnell, the travel industry has been incorporated as a major part of economic development. According to statistics, the spending on travel supported around two hundred and ten thousand jobs in the year 2012. This number acts as approximately seven per cent of the total employment in the private sector. This figure has turned travel industry of Virginia into the fifth biggest private sector employer. Workers that are related to travelling industry, directly or indirectly have earned revenues around five billion dollars in payroll during the last financial year. According to studies, this value is a steep increase of around three per cent from the financial year 2011. According to experts one job was generated for every one hundred thousand dollars spent during touring and travelling last year.
Increase in Visitors in the City
According to the director of Virginia hospitality as well as travel association, the tourism for the state is good and is growing at an acceptable rate. Among the large number of cities in the state, the fifth largest earned revenue of around seven hundred and forty six million dollars over the last year, alone from tourism and visitors. Northern Virginia was the leader in leading the state to a flaunting 2.8 billion dollars in revenues and following which was Fairfax County, closing at a close 2.7 billion dollars. The third in the rank was the Loudoun County which generated revenues worth 1.6 billion dollars. Adding up the sum of the first five ranking counties, the money was enough to generate revenues as well as jobs.
Record Establishing Year for Travel Industry
According to the president of Richmond tourism, Jack Berry, this year is a record year in which the annual revenue from tourism combining of the first five states is around two billion dollars. According to this CEO as well as president, all the components that are related with travel, either directly or indirectly are showing a consistent increase in revenues. According to McDonnell, tourists from various parts of the country as well as the world arrive in Virginia to indulge in the civil war histories as well as participate in them and to visit the popular vineyards that are famous all over the world.

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