Microneedling Rejuvenates Skin to Give you Back Youthful Skin

Our day begins with heavy makeup and ends with high chemicals in the night cream. Who doesn’t want a flawless skin that builds confidence? Every month there is a new product launched in the market which claims to be better than the previous one or its competitor. We try all of them to ensure that nothing is missed. No matter how much you care for your skin, pollution, dust and stress damages your skin.
Cosmetic procedures like surgery, Botox, laser therapy and so on are no longer looked down upon. Since it provides impressive results and in a short period of time and hence people are willing to spend money on it. Research says in America around 6.7 million people went through cosmetic procedures in 2015. One such treatment that recently has drawn too much attention is microneedling.
It is a process through which tiny and fine needles are punctured into the first layer of your skin called dermis. Sound painful? Well, it isn’t actually because the needles are small and very fine and they don’t go deep but just prick finely on the top skin. Clinics either use dermaroller that is held in hand and is rolled with small needles all over the face or they use SkinPen or Dermapen which is pen shaped applicator containing various small needles. It is less painful than roller.
Through microneedling tiny wounds are punctured all over the face on top skin layer. When there is any wound on your body, it is healed automatically by elastin and collagen process. Similarly, through microneedling, when there are tiny wounds on face, the cells turnover and increase the elastin and collagen process, which results to new cells on face that prevents or reduces ageing.
Here are some benefits of microneedling –

  • Since collagen and elastin process is natural healing process, therefore there aren’t any side effects. This process helps in reducing wrinkles and also prevents further wrinkles with growing age.
  • Scars due to severe acne often are left behind no matter how many creams you apply and the only way of hiding is through heavy makeup. However, with microneedling, this problem has been solved as it takes care of those severe marks better than the laser therapy.
  • Apart from removing wrinkles and scars, it also helps in reducing pigmentation and sun rashes. This helps in improving the look of your skin as it glows better.
  • When new cells are produced, they are tight and provide healthy look, this in return gives you a healthy skin which is just opposite to your aged skin. All your cells are tightened with minimum side effects.
  • Instead of widening the pores of your skin, microneedling reduces their size. When needle is punctured in your skin it plumps the cells which shrink pores.
  • Dead skin that was accumulated on your skin for such a long time is all now replaced with fresh cells. These cells are actively participating in absorbing all serum, cream and lotion that you apply, which in return gives you better results.

Apart from face there are other body parts that face sagging and drooling skin. These parts can also be treated with microneedling. Hence, you now need not worry about those stretch marks on your legs, butt, chest, breast, and arms.

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