Top Hospitals in Mumbai

Mumbai, the filmy city of India, is best known for ‘Bollywood’, but did you know that the top hospitals in Mumbai treat more than 10,000 international patients concerning varied medical specialties every year.

Being a popular tourist spot, some patients come to India with packages that allow them to receive their treatment and then explore the city enjoying a mini-vacation.

Mumbai drives a lot of potential patients for cosmetic surgery as the city is associated with the Glamourous Film City. It is also the ‘financial capital of India’.

The availability of the latest technology, experienced doctors, state-of-the-art hospitals and affordable care is what is turning Mumbai into the top medical tourism destination in India. The city has humid weather throughout the year, which will make your stay pleasant.

Connectivity with the World

The Maharashtrian capital is well linked with all the world-class nations around the world, which is severed by Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, that is the second busiest Indian airport. The city also accounts for several accommodation options including luxury seven-star resorts/ hotels tobudget-friendly guesthouses. There are multiple travelling options like public transport, and private cabs that can be used by patients.

The top hospitals in Mumbai are at par with international standards and house some of the best hospitals and doctors in the world. These medical centers are known for delivering a high success rate when it comes to treatment of cardiac issues, cancer and neurology conditions.

Top Hospitals in Mumbai

These are some of the top medical centers in Mumbai that are known for the following specialties:

Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital: Spinal │ Neurosurgery │ Orthopedics

Apollo Hospital: Oncology│ Cardiology│ Bariatric Surgery

Fortis Hospital: Orthopedics│ Heart Transplantation│ Cardiology

Global Hospital: Liver Transplant│ Urology│ Cardiac Surgery

KokilabenDhirubhai Ambani Hospital: Liver Transplant│ Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy│ Oncology

Seven Hills Hospital: Dental│ Vascular Surgery │ Nephrology

Best Doctors in Mumbai

These are some of the best doctors in Mumbai, who specialize in the following fields:  

Dr Prakash M Doshi: Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr Bejoy Abraham: Kidney Transplant Surgeon│  Urologist

Dr Nitin Sampat: Neurologist

Dr Anuradha Rao: Ophthalmology

Dr Ramakanta Panda: Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeon

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Factors that make Mumbai a popular medical tourism destination

Reliable healthcare solutions from top hospitals in Mumbai at a fraction of the cost compared to countries like the UK and USA

No waiting lists for emergency cases and surgeries. Unlike western countries that provide full health coverage but are unable to offer treatment to everyone on time, India provides immediate attention to patients.

Ease and affordable travel to/from Mumbai. The total cost of travel, stay, plus treatment in India still remains, 5 to 6 times lowers when compared which healthcare cost abroad.

Favorable Indian currency exchange rates help in facilitating low-cost surgeries

The city houses JCI and NABH Accredited healthcare centers that offer services at par with the standard of quality delivered abroad.

Proven patient safety and healthcare standards, ensures that they are treated using the latest technology that boosts faster recovery.

Excellent combination of modern techniques with a traditional treatment experience for a healthy body, mind and soul is delivered at these medical centers in India.

High-Success Rate. Indian hospitals are known for delivering the highest success rate in cardiac procedures, IVF treatments, organ Transplantation, Cosmetic Surgery, Joint replacement procedures and cancer treatment.

Availability of visa-on-arrival system. The government of India has now allowed tourist from certain countries to travel to India on Visa-on-Arrival, which can be used by patients, tourist or business officials.

Safety. Mumbai is considered one of the safest cities in India, even during the night. A patient can go out during day or night as they please, provided they don’t go to isolated areas.

Use of Medical Tourism Companies for a hassle-free experience

Patients can use the services of a medical travel management company that will help them make arrangements for their stay and treatment in India.

Some other services provided by these companies include:

Visa Assistance

Assistance with Flight Booking

Airport Pickup

Treatment Schedule

Help with accommodation arrangements

Religious & Diet Arrangements

Free Translation Services

Additional Discounts

Important things to keep in mind while receiving treatment in India

Medical tourist select healthcare centers based on what they read online and in certain cases can find it unsuitable for their needs when they arrive. Patients have the freedom to shift to a different hospital under such circumstances. Using a healthcare assistance team makes this process easier as they are linked with the top hospitals.

Patients should also receive second opinions before receiving treatment, as it can help them explore new treatment options that may help them recover faster. This is important because medical profession is likely to recommend treatment plans based on their expertise or the technology available at the healthcare center, which might not promote minimal invasive techniques.

Exploring different options will allow patients to select the right doctor and hospital for their treatment.

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