Mistakes: Multi-Location Businesses Are Doing

Before diving deep in to the topic, let’s try the shallow water first. These days consumer use the internet to locate the local business, and the numbers are growing with each passing day. According to last years report of  Local Consumer Review Survey 2014, 92% of consumers used the Internet in order to locate a local business.

With the coming of smartphones and increment in the mobile consumer base and this has made local visibility more critical for the business of all sizes and shapes.

And the nature of local searches and importance of the business data that are around the web has created out an environment where the local search has taken over worldwide searches. And it is tough for the multinational business to cope up. They need to put and coordinate well on paying attention to the core local SEO principles.

Mistakes Multi-Location Businesses Are Doing

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Local search is such that even the biggest brand in the industry cannot afford to ignore it. If you need to have solid results, then tight adherence to local SEO practice is a must. You can be benefitted in various ways such as the increase in the local search visibility, much-needed boost in PPC performance and improvement in local search reputation.

Let’s come to the point without wasting any time. So the concerning issue is that why your multi-location business doesn’t rank high in local searches in spite of large coverage. There can be various reasons for the same. Scroll down and see all the issue that are holding your business back from achieving local visibility in local search.

Citations and NAP consistency: – For those who do not know what both of these are, NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone Number. And citations are the mentions of your business around the web. This can be the great issue of concern and can be tricky even when single-location business is handling multiple locations. There can various reasons that are affecting consistency of NAP such as:

  • Multiple web addresses
  • Acquisitions and Name changes
  • Multiple phone numbers for a single location
  • Address variations
  • Try to focus on these points and take necessary steps to improve it and maintain the consistency of NAP citations.

Website related issues: – When it comes to ranking individual locations, Google has clearly provided valuable instructions. Since your website is the one and the major attraction of your online marketing, every link is connected to it. So that you need to get it right and try to press the crease. Some of the common website related issue are: –

  • Poor location page quality
  • suspected issues that have affected traffic or penalties
  • Poor site quality
  • Page location is not provided enough details that are needed to contact
  • Regional page is not delivering specific information page
  • Location pages are Non-discoverable

Google My Business: – The biggest mistake multi-location business are doing is not registering them with Google My Business. This is the most critical issue in order to get the business visibility in Google products such as google+, google maps, google search and many others. There are many guidelines provided by Google that which can help can businesses in conducting their business in order to get a place in local search results. Google My Business helps in boosting business local search results by fixing problems related to name, number, emails and other necessary categories.

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