Why Skin Exfoliation Matters To Your Skincare Concerns

Why Skin Exfoliation Matters To Your Skincare Concerns

Removal of surface dry skin cells, otherwise known as skin exfoliation is a necessary body metabolism essential for proper skin health and functioning of other organ systems. Due to climatic conditions and dust, heat and other factors, skin pores get clogged and hence fresh air cannot enter into the deep parts. Even perspiration is reduced for the same reason. After a complex biological process in the body, you develop dry skin that makes the skin look bad and vulnerable to many allergy and itching issues. Even when your skin is not very dry, you should consider exfoliating. After all, who doesn’t want a smoother and softer skin?

Why Skin Exfoliation Matters To Your Skincare Concerns

  • How do I know if My Skin needs to Exfoliate?

A simple test will enable you to understand if you have developed issues like dry skin cells. Just take a clean piece of tape and put it on your forehead. Rub it for a while and then remove the tape from your skin. Notice if there are any little pieces of flaky skin on the tape. If there are, then you will have to exfoliate so as to better your skin’s performance.

Exfoliation is one of the most crucial methods of making skin perform better. At times, ignoring small issues can lead to bigger medical concerns. Having dry skin is merely a prologue to what your body can suffer if it is not urgently attended to. I have been associated with many clients who have witnessed the skin transformation once they performed exfoliation. Now they live merrily and have no issues because they uprooted the problems right from the scratch.

  • Which Skin Care Problems can Exfoliation Resolve?
  • Red/Dark Marks on the Skin

Even after the breakout is healed, many individuals complain of developing red or dark marks on the skin. A good way to reduce the dark marks is by undergoing exfoliation. Remember, the more you remove the damaged and dry surface cells from skin, more are the chances of formation of new skin cells that will obviously be devoid of all unwanted marks and tone you previously developed. So, exfoliation gives you more natural skin in a few days to come therefore retaining your original tone with less of any scarring.

  • Hyperpigmentation

Ever noticed the ugly brown spots that usually come  after pregnancy, or old age. Sometimes the spots come also due to hormonal imbalance and genetic influences. With the growth of skin, the spots, too, grow darker and more apparent. However, when you try exfoliation, the pigmented cells get removed and thus the spots gradually fade away. You can consider applying some skin lightening agent, especially those rich in Vitamin C) to get better and faster results.

  • Too Many Wrinkles

As such, our skin has automated mechanism of conducting exfoliation by itself. However, with the age, the innate tendency gets retarded, leaving room for accumulation of dry skin cells on various parts of the body. But your efforts towards exfoliation can accelerate the natural mechanism of the skin.

Clogged Pores on Skin Surface

As already discussed, clogged pores are very harmful and can trigger various infections if they are not treated at an early stage. The clogged skin prevents the secreted oil to permeate between the various layers of your skin, therefore risking the transfer of important nutrients. Exfoliation can improve your skin by producing newer skin cells that are capable of permitting oil transport.

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