New Address For The Backpackers Near Delhi- Manesar

New Address For The Backpackers Near Delhi- Manesar

Developed from a cluster of small villages, Manesar is now one of the fastest growing cities after Gurgaon. That is why it is known as the New Gurgaon. It is an industrial town which have many global industries and factories. The 80% of the population here are Yadav and whose main occupation was agriculture. But government initiative to move industries outside Delhi and Gurgaon helped Manesar to grow fast. Manesar is a town of Haryana and it lies on the lower Aravalli Ranges. The concept of Farm Tourism is recently introduced here. Delhi is 45 km away and Gurgaon is 21 km away from this town. As an emerging tourist destination, hotels has grown, Manesar hotels provides the basic facilities to their guests. From Delhi or Gurgaon, you can easily enjoy a long drive to this fascinating place. On one side, you will see the vast green field and on the other the big modern infrastructure. It is an eye-catching blend of modernisation and village culture.

Manesar is on the National Highway No.8, so, it is easily accessible by road. New Delhi airport is the nearest and AC and non- AC buses are available from Delhi. You can also hire cabs or taxi as per your convenience.

New Address For The Backpackers Near Delhi- Manesar

Damdama Lake is a quite popular place for picnic and boating trip. Also an adventure hotspot, the lake is surrounded by rocky hills. Damdama Lake is an apt place for spending a leisurely afternoon. Mata Sheetala Devi Temple is devoted to Sheetala Mata and witnesses a large crowd during Sheetala Mata Puja. Manesar houses different other temple which include Khimbu Wala Mandir, Baba Mohan Ram Temple and Pipliwala Mandir Kharkhari. Well, bird lover can enjoy at Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary which has more than 250 species of birds. These are some of the places to visit in Manesar.

Village culture always reveals the real Indian culture. Manesar still retains its traditional culture and art forms. The folk culture of the place in the form of Saangs, ballads, songs and dramas are prevalent here. Teej Dance, Jhumar, Chatti, etc are most popular among the dwellers. The city is also known for its artworks. The wooden handicrafts such as gift boxes, toys, furniture and wooden utensils are some of the stuff which you can carry back with you.

The place can be visited for witnessing the Haryana culture. The warm hospitality of the dwellers will surprise you. In this race of modernisation, when all the places are fast developing and mankind are changing. Manesar is such a place which still holds the village culture in the heart of industrialisation. It is difficult to predict how long, the town can retain its real essence. So, plan your tour before it is too late and enjoy the nature of Manesar.

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