Naamkaran Full Episode Star Plus Wiki Story

Naamkaran Full Episode Star Plus Wiki Story

About Naamkaran Serial:

Naamkaran started on Star plus and on 11 Sep 2016. It replaced Diya Aur Baati Humm at the nine pm slot. The show brings the story of slightly woman Avni and her robust struggles and fights for her legitimacy. Avni is that the girl of a Hindu father and a Muslim mother. She needs to realize her lost identity. Avni’s anger, suppression, sorrow and lots of emotions ar shown.Avni needs her parent to remain along. She aims to urge a traditional family, and raises straightforward and innocent queries. Ashish and Asha haven’t married, and had Avni out of matrimony. Asha is pregnant once more and hopes Ashish fulfills his promise of obtaining their little family accepted by his mother Dayavanti. Ashish fails to win over his mother for acceptive Asha. however Avni gets herself accepted by Dayavanti and gets her Naamkaran done are shown.

Naamkaran Full Episode Star Plus Wiki Story

Naamkaran Full Episode Story:

Avni sits on the margin and weeps thinking of the fight along with her classmate/neighbor woman TIA. Avni gets regretful for not having her father Ashish by her facet. Avni wants Ashish at persistently, however he continually makes work excuse. Avni thinks of the youngsters happy on her and job her begetter as man. India. Asha finds Avni hurt and asks the explanation. Avni tells her regarding her fight with TIA. Avni rushes home and sits in her cabinet. She shows her annoyance with Asha, Ashish and her fate.
Ashish’s introduction is shown. a lady tries to urge a second lead role in Ashish’s picture show and tells Ashish that she is prepared to try and do something to urge the role. Ashish loses his temper and slaps the guy United Nations agency has unfold wrong rumors regarding him. He tells the woman to not fall prey to casting couch and find success by her talent. The woman apologizes to Ashish and goes to allow audition. Avni calls Ashish home desperately. Ashish leaves from work and goes home. He meets Asha and expresses his love for her.

Ashish hugs Avni and asks her desires. Avni asks him why is their family not a traditional one. Ashish and Asha get inarticulate by Avni’s innocent question. Ashish gets noticeably emotional and decides to speak to Dayavanti regarding Asha now. He regrets to not be able to provide Asha his name. He thanks Asha for her belief in him. Its shown that Asha and Ashish failed to espouse and had been staying along since last eleven years. Ashish worries that their coming back kid also will raise same question.
Avni asks Ashish to allow her a traditional family. She desires to urge Ashish. Ashish guarantees Avni to attend her sports day event and cheer for her within the race competition. Avni gets joyful. Asha fears that Dayavanti won’t settle for her. Ashish goes his home and tries to speak to Dayavanti. He sees her unwell and loses spirit to speak regarding Asha and Avni. Avni sings a lullaby for Asha and makes her sleep in her lap.

Asha is shown giving namaz and activity the very fact that she may be a Muslim from Avni. Avni tells her dream regarding seeing Ashish and Asha attending the sports day along. Ashish calls Asha. She asks him to not tell something to Dayavanti. Ashish assures her that now Dayavanti has got to settle for her. Asha meets her neighbor Tai. Tai’s husband behaves rude with Asha, knowing of her relationship with Ashish. Ashish and Dayavanti leave for hospital to satisfy Hemant Bhai. Avni calls Ashish and asks him to return on sports day.

Ashish offers his word to Avni that he would come back. Ashish thinks of Asha’s words regarding their happy life and not telling something to Dayavanti. Dayavanti calls Ashish a perfect son and suppresses his feelings by her Brobdingnagian expectations. She tells him regarding their poor life and dangerous days spent on pathway. She is way indebted to Hemant Bhai, United Nations agency gave them opportunities to create their life higher. They meet Hemant at hospital. Hemant loves Ashish as his son. Neela comes there and meets them. Hemant keeps proposal of Neela and Ashish’s wedding, to that Dayavanti jubilantly agrees while not a afterthought.

Dayavanti considers this as Hemant’s favor on Ashish. Ashish gets an enormous shock and turns silent. Neela talks to Ashish in camera. She asks him if he has somebody in his life. Ashish tells her that he loves somebody and is in an exceedingly relationship. Neela gets a lot of hurt and goes to inform Hemant and Dayavanti. Ashish stops Neela and tells her that he was simply kidding. Ashish fears to inform Dayavanti regarding Asha. His silence gets taken as his affirmative. Avni gets into associate argument with TIA in school. Avni tells TIA that her begetter is impending sports day.

Tia bets with Avni. TIA is bound Avni’s begetter won’t come back and Avni can lose the bet. Avni puts her dream house at stake. Avni’s ally Ali is shown. Avni and Ali typically fight and compose. Neela goes to drop Ashish at the aerodrome. Asha waits for Ashish reception and gets dressed well. Asha remembers their romantic moment. Avni and TIA run within the faculty race, wherever Avni loses out. TIA passes some taunts on her. Avni gets raged. Ali comforts Avni. Avni tells Ali regarding the importance of winning, as everybody remembers simply the winner.

Avni’s dangerous day in school upsets her. She comes home and hugs Ashish’s pic. Neela and Dayavanti see Ashish’s photos. they are doing not see Asha and Avni’s pic collage in his space. Avni and Ali fight over her bet. Ali is bound Ashish won’t come back even now. Avni breaks her friendly relationship with Ali and returns his gifts. Later, Ali and Avni patch up once more. TIA challenges Avni for one more race and calls her a loser. Asha offers namaz. Avni appearance for Asha and asks her what will she do within room by protection door. Asha doesn’t answer her. Asha’s mother involves stick with them. Ashish sees a person disrespecting his initial partner. Ashish beats the guy plenty and lands in lockup. Producer Malhotra gets Ashish bailed out. Ashish talks to Dayavanti. She tells him regarding his wedding obtaining fastened, and engagement unbroken in some days. Ashish couldn’t oppose it. He turns regretful and disquieted once more.

Naamkaran Episode
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