New Year New Business Premises – How To Make The Move Easier?

New Year New Business Premises – How To Make The Move Easier?

In the run-up to the New Year, people really start thinking ahead to January and whether it will be the time that they make all those changes they have been promising themselves. Whether these changes are little ones like getting in shape or much larger ones like finding a new job or even moving your company to new business premises the changes can be daunting.

Whilst many people promise themselves that they will make these big changes in the New Year, the reality can be that the promise can be hard to follow through with when the realisation of the amount of work required to make the changes sets in.

New Year New Business Premises – How To Make The Move Easier?

So, if you are looking to make the big move to new business premises in the New Year, here are just a few tips to make things that little bit easier.

Plan Ahead

If you are making the big move then you will already have sorted out where you will be moving your business to. If your new premises require any work to be completed before you move in then make sure that you organise this well in advance; it is far easier to have work done when the premises are not occupied rather than when all your staff and office equipment are in place.

Make sure you organise a removal service well in advance; if lots of other businesses are planning a move to new premises then removal companies could be in high demand so make sure you get your booking in before it’s too late.


When you move to a new house one of the most important things that you can do is declutter so that you don’t take things with you that you no longer need. Moving business premises should be no different, in the run up to moving go through everything, you might be surprised by just how much stuff you no longer need; old damaged furniture, out of date equipment that you have been storing just in case. The more you take with you the more your removal costs will be, so decluttering will also be financially beneficial to your company. Look for a National Skip Hire Company and arrange for a skip in the run up to your move; if you don’t think you will fill a whole skip you might just be surprised!


Make a list of all the people you will need to advise of your move. If you have clients and suppliers who visit your current premises on a regular basis it is particularly important to give them plenty of notice of your change of address. If suppliers turn up at the wrong premises then it could be very disruptive for your business, likewise if clients can’t find you then it will create a bad impression. If you have a website make sure that your new address and contact details, together with a clear notice of when you will be moving are very visible.


Finally, make the most of your new space by planning exactly how everything will be arranged well in advance of your move. This is your chance to make some really big changes. It is much easier to plan a new layout when your premises are empty so that you can just put everything in the way you want, than it is to move things around until you are happy with them. Start with the important things that everyone needs access to and work plan out from that point, it could really help to streamline your new premises, making it easier for your employees and more productive for your company.

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