Planning The Perfect Office Christmas Party

Planning The Perfect Office Christmas Party

The festive season is nearly here and while many of us aren’t quite ready to start thinking about Christmas just yet, it is time to start planning your office Christmas party if you want to ensure that you get it just how you want it. Many of the best supplies, equipment and entertainment will get booked up early so the time to plan is now to ensure that you have the perfect party for your colleagues and co-workers. Planning the perfect Christmas party is much easier than you may think. Don’t get bogged down in the details, though; ensuring that you have these main points covered will ensure that your guests will have a great night.

Planning The Perfect Office Christmas Party

Pick a theme

Choosing a theme may sound corny but you don’t need to go full fancy dress to incorporate a theme. A theme helps you tie in all decorations, entertainment and even food to a common style and this will give you guests a rounded experience. Popular theme examples include Las Vegas casino, Hollywood glamour and 1920’s gangster. These types of themes don’t involve potentially embarrassing fancy dress, but they do allow you to make your office Christmas party stand out and creates an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation.


Nothing kills a Christmas party vibe like boredom and silence. Your colleagues see each other every day at work and so you may want to lay on some kind of entertainment to keep the party atmosphere fresh and different from the everyday office talk. There is a huge variety of entertainers available to book for your office party such as bands, singers, comedians, tribute acts, magicians and much more. If you have a good ear for music and some DJ experience, then you may want to simply look for DJ equipment hire and provide the entertainment yourself. Everyone loves a good dance at the office party to let off some steam after a busy year and your guests are guaranteed to have a good time with the right playlist of old school party classics and chart-topping hits.


Keeping your co-workers fed and watered during your office Christmas party is essential if you want to avoid any complaints from your colleagues. Food options to consider include whether you want to provide a sit-down meal or something more informal such as a hot or cold buffet or something like chip or bacon butties. Your catering choices may depend on the location of your office party and what times you are working within. If you are also booking entertainment or a DJ you may not want your guests to be spending hours eating and have no time for a good dance later on. Bar hire is always popular during the festive season so don’t leave it too late to book up a bar, glass hire and servers for your Christmas party as they will book up fast during the office party season. However, remember that if you are planning to sell alcohol at your Christmas party then you will need to apply for a temporary licence from your local council.


Even the simplest decorations can really make an office Christmas party stand out. If your party is taking place in your office space, then you will want to make it look as different from your usual work space as possible – so that your guests don’t feel like they’re back in work. If you have hired a hall, room or restaurant for your office party, decorations can help you tie a theme in, and it can be done on a budget. Table decorations, chair covers and wall decorations can all be found relatively cheaply. They can also be hired, but either way they will make a huge difference when creating an atmosphere for your office party.

With all these main points covered, you should have all the basics for a great office party, wherever you choose to host it.

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