PG vs Rental Home: The Pros and Cons

PG rental

PG and rental homes, both have their own set of pros and cons. Some may be comfortable staying in a rental house, while some may be comfortable staying in a PG. Some find it comfortable staying alone, while some in a shared apartment. Let us take a quick look at the pros and cons of staying in a PG and rental home.

  1. Cooking

While this may be a problem for some, this may not be for the ones who love cooking. In a PG, tenants are not allowed to cook and may have to eat the food served there, or order something from outside or hunt for something outside. While, in a rental home, you enjoy the privilege of cooking on your own, in your own way and your own favourite food, If bored, you can hunt for food or order it online.

  1. Maintenance

When it comes to rental home, smallest of the smallest stuff needs an attention and needs to be taken care of. However, things are different when one stays in a PG. You just need to inform the landlord to do the cleaning or maintenance work and the work is done.

  1. Washing

Well, both PG and rental house do not offer washing facilities, and you have to wash them all by yourselves. Yes, the only difference here is, you cannot keep a washing machine inside a PG, while you can in your rented house.

  1. In and out timings

Well, yes some PGs in Bangalore, Pune or Delhi or other cities have their set timings, where you cannot enter the PG after that time or may have to pay a fine. While, in your rental home, you do not have to follow the timings and can come and go anytime.

  1. Relatives or Parents stay

If any of your relatives or parents come over to meet you, and if you are staying in a PG, then it can be a problem to find an accommodation. While, this turns to be exact opposite when in a rented home. Your parents or relatives can stay with you till they wish to and you can enjoy every little moment with them till they are in town.

  1. Welcome Home

That home feeling is something that we cannot ignore and do miss while staying away from home. However, you tend to be less nostalgic when you are staying in a rented home than in a PG. A small room of your own cannot make you less nostalgic unless you are used to it, while a house full of people sharing rooms can make a difference.

Well, be it PG or a rented home, both have their own set of pros and cons. Finances can be managed well in a PG, while not so in a rented home; but one cannot ignore the home feeling one gets after returning from days’ hard work in the rented home, which is missed in a PG.

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