The Benefits Of Using Plastic Export Pallets

The Benefits Of Using Plastic Export Pallets

When it comes to warehouse distribution and logistics, costs can start climbing very quickly and it would be in the best interests of any company to manage that cost and to try and keep it as low as possible. One of the ways to do this is by using plastic export pallets! These pallets are not only reliable, they are also durable and fits the Australian size standard.

The Benefits Of Using Plastic Export Pallets

Why it is important to understand the various classes

It is important to understand the various classes of plastic export pallets before you start deciding on which ones you should be purchasing. The best way to answer this question is to first look at your products, estimate their accumulated weight depending on how many units you intend to distribute, and then deciding upon the right class of pallets.

This is very important because different classes of pallets have their own load limits so if you offload your goods that end up being much heavier than what the pallet can support, then it will break and this puts your products at risk of being damaged. The industry standard for load limits for pallets in the light, medium and heavy duties are 1,000 kg, 1,600 kg and 1,800 kg respectively for dynamic loads.

Light weight and meets industry standards

These plastic export pallets can be fitted on to any standard Australian racking system which makes them invaluable for warehousing across the country, plus they can also be fitted on to standard sized trucks. This means that you do not have to worry about them having difficulties being racked unless you are using non-Australian rack systems.

The pallets themselves are also very light on their own and can be stacked on each other for easier transport to the warehouse until when they need to be used for distribution of your goods. This is an important fact to consider because it helps to prevent rising costs in transportation as the pallets themselves aren’t heavy on their own, which means they won’t add to the overall load that needs to be transported.

Easy to clean and reused

It is a fact that accidents can happen and every company should expect this to some extent but it is important that the pallets that are used can be easily cleaned and then reused. This is exactly the case with plastic export pallets because of their plastic composition which means they are highly resistant to spills and odors.

All you really need to wash them is water out of a hose and then they can be restacked for future use or, if need be, immediately reused for the next shipment. This prevents the company from having to spend too much time and resources before the pallets can be used again.

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