Physical Proximity Does Not Create Much Harm In Pregnancy

Physical Proximity Does Not Create Much Harm In Pregnancy

There are a lot of questions that pop up after becoming pregnant. One of the crucial queries among them is, can a woman have physical closeness with their partners even after getting pregnant?

There are a lot of questions regarding physical relation during pregnancy. But yes, most women who have normal pregnancy tenure and do not have much complication can continue to have sex till the time before they go for a labour. But yes, if you feel there is any kind of uneasiness or complication after having sex then you should definitely ask your doctor.

Physical Proximity Does Not Create Much Harm In Pregnancy

Some may have a question regarding whether the baby will get harmed if one has sex while they are pregnant. The answer for this is a definite no. This is because; the baby or the foetus has a huge protection inside. There is an amniotic sac and a lot of strong muscles in the uterus that guard the baby and so there is almost no chance for them to get affected by any kind of love making. In fact, if someone is having a normal pregnancy and has a very low risk factor then it is safe to do love making. There is hardly any chance of miscarriage when there is a sexual stimulation or orgasm. Though there can be many advices against this, but those are not true. It is a myth that making love during pregnancy can harm your baby. It is absolutely a wrong idea. In fact, orgasm can also not lead to labour pain.

May be post pregnancy, the thing will feel quite different and one has to be more careful about going through safe love making and this is very important. Unless you are aware of that, then you can harm your unborn child in a very different way. Like while unsafe love making, if you are affected by a sexual transmitted disease, then it can harm your growing baby inside your body and this can harm them and their health.

But do not do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you feel any kind of uneasiness after love making while you are pregnant then let your partner know that immediately. And if that uneasiness stays with you, you need to go and see your doctor immediately. There can also be this thing that post pregnancy one may not feel like having sex for this nine-month tenure. That is also absolutely fine. Some may feel fatigue by doing that and so they want to avoid.

Whatever you want to do, you need to take an advice of your gynaecologist always. These nine months are very crucial and a female body during pregnancy always behave in a strange way. They may react to anything and everything which are otherwise nothing in a normal body. Pregnancy is a complicated thing and any complications can pop up at any time. So, one has to be very careful in what they do.

Sex during pregnancy is okay only if you are running a low risk pregnancy. If you are going through a high risk one and has a lot of complications, then it is a good idea to stay away from it. This is because; the baby’s health is the most important thing and one does not want to compromise on that.

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