Reasons To Use Video Marketing For Business Promotion

Reasons To Use Video Marketing For Business Promotion

Marketing styles changes every now and then, so you need to come up with different strategies. It is necessary to have the latest marketing technique to gain an edge over your competitors. It is most important for any kind of business to promote their brand, services or products in new ways.

Reasons To Use Video Marketing For Business Promotion

The latest edition to promotion toolbox is video marketing. Reasons to create video ad for your business are given below.

Modern consumers watch more videos

Statistics from survey has proved that people watch more videos.

  • On YouTube more than 4 billion videos are watched daily
  • 1/3rd shoppers purchase, after viewing video ad
  • 92% B2B prospects watch online videos

Video enables to appeal directly

Marketing videos presented in conversational form creates an individual approach sensation. It also incorporates visual and audio elements, which can be applied as educational tools for product demonstration or for how to guides. Viewers actually get an idea how your product works or can learn new skills.

Sell to lazy buyers

Life is very busy and people hardly find time to read the product description or its mechanism. Majority of them find it boring. The driving force behind video advertising is that modern consumers want to watch the product in action. It is simple to consume.

You can capture a wide audience and ensure to target the ears of potential clients and not just the eyes. Your competitive advantage doubles.

Sales increases

Biggest online marketplace like eBay and Amazon has reported that the addition product description on video advertisement has enhanced the chances of sales by 35%.  Most shoppers are visuals therefore they need to look at the product or service first to take a purchase decision.

Level of trust increases

Fear of getting scammed has made many consumers skeptical about purchasing products and services online. However, with effective video communication, you can build trust. Potential buyers will positively respond to it and possibly become your loyal customers.

Search engines appreciate videos

Search engines prioritize websites with video content, while ranking. Uploading videos on your website and distributing them via blogs and social media increases the possibility of target audiences finding you, while looking for specific relevant information. The viewers spend more time on your website watching videos, which builds trust and search engine gets a signal that your website has quality content.

Get viral traffic

Make use of popular video hosting websites to embed your videos. Have your videos optimized, write interesting descriptions and titles, and add your website link. Add video review on your website and the video-hosting site. Chances that millions will see it and share making your video go viral.

Video ads are good among mobile users

As mobile users increase, watching video ads on Smartphone escalates. A survey report states that 88% of 30 second clip gets watched till the end.

Video conveys lots of information in short time

In comparison to text video takes little time to convey information. It engages viewers by showing as well as telling, simultaneously. It connects the viewer’s emotions towards your brand.

Analytics tell

You can view how your video content performs though shares, likes, views, and shares. It empowers you to plan future campaigns including more effective video content.

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