Recommendations For Meditation

Recommendations For Meditation

The general idea is related to meditate is a much evolved being that comes practically in a state of trance and can be long in one position without moving and with a blank mind.

The reality is that meditation is not as difficult as it sounds and many times we can be doing throughout the day, without realizing it.

The purpose being sought through meditation is to learn to keep your mind in the present, because it behaves almost all the time as our worst enemy and torments us with painful recurrent and obsessive memories of the past; or it is set to “future ” with speculation about what still happens.

“And if I had done this instead of that?” “If my mother had not told me such a thing as a child” “Someday I will get the promotion I hope at work?

Recommendations For Meditation

To escape these thoughts and learn to live effectively in this is that you begin to practice meditation. Here are some simple tips to start practicing:

  1. It is false to think that we have to put the mind blank. If I say, “Do not think of an apple” mind immediately placed the image of the apple on my head. The best time is to let the thoughts come, without going into analysis. Let’s just observe from outside, as if we were watching the commercials on TV, one after another, and let them go.
  2. To avoid “go” with one of those thoughts that come and have something to cling to this, it is good to repeat a phrase or perform a repetitive activity, in which we will not put all our attention as such.
  3. In passive meditation can sit in a comfortable position (refilled on a wall, in a chair or on a cushion with legs crossed in lotus legs) and start repeating a phrase or mantra. In Sanskrit there are some mantras ranging from the simplest to the most complex. We can start with the most common is “Om Ganapataye Namaha”, meaning “I bow and salute to Lord Ganesha”. On the Internet you can find many mantras for different purposes.
  4. If we identify with any religion, we can also repeat a prayer. Pray the rosary, for example, it is a form of meditation.
  5. Those who are more active may think playing sports such as walking, jogging or yoga. There is also the type of meditation, during which we listen to music or a series of instructions on how to move our body. This also includes fun dances in which body and mind enter a wonderful synchronicity and live full time in which we are.

We can all start practicing meditation and begin to experience the enormous benefits to disconnect for a brief moment of everyday problems, listen to our own breathing and our own mind, thereby achieving approach the difficult task of living the here and now all fullness.

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