Watching TV For Children's Education: Good Or Bad?

Watching TV For Children's Education: Good Or Bad?

We live in the age of technology. Tablets and smart phones are part of our lives, It is hard to avoid television if you are a kid. TV provides no educational benefits for a child under age 2. And yet we claim that children understand that a television is a bad thing. Previous research has suggested children who watching TV for more than 2 hours a day they are at risk developing difficulties with communication and concentration.

Children watching TV is a common mistake made by parents, Researchers, specialists and psychotherapists says. If you don’t watch cartoons or programs that you see your child, you may have problems with it in the future.

In general, The news full of tragic events, Inspired by the life issues, Presenting cases of “Just Do not!” And aggressive cartoon should be avoided by the child. Remember that parents, not the child. Otherwise, little could have something good to learn if they spend an hour in front of the TV.

Especially when you really need some time to pay bills for important calls or for cleaning, washing or cooking food. If you choose carefully which shows little to watch, say, more recently, researchers can obtain benefits from the TV.

Documentaries about animals, Planets, Physics, Famous inventors, Nature or how to do certain things can be helpful to the teaching children.

Recent studies have shown that children aged up to 2 years, looking at drawings “peaceful” without robots or vengeful characters, say, learned to count to five or decode treasure maps, Animations present.

Watching TV For Children's Education: Good Or Bad?

Why Children Want to See an Episode Animated

Did you know that when a child does not get enough to look at a cartoon episode he learns? It is a very effective method of learning for children that of being repeatedly exposed to something to share.

A program, a fragment of an episode of drawings, An exchange of words between favorite characters, Followed a few days in a row can improve the child’s learning, And memory and transfer information from the 2D world, the TV world 3D, real.

In addition, The more known among dwarfs a character from their favorite shows, Much more likely to learn new things and educative. In other news, it’s a good thing, even if it can be boring, watch some cartoons or programs with your child. In this way you will oversee work in front of the TV and you’ll be familiar with the cartoon characters.

Find Programs that Interact with Small

There are a lot of shows, even cartoons, based on interaction with the viewer little. The character on television trying to put the few simple questions, and giving time to think.

This will provide immeasurable satisfaction, especially since such programs are used to encourage initiative and progress of children, using phrases like “bravo!”, “Good job” or “very good.”

What now you do? To seek educational cartoons transmitted on television – there! – Age-appropriate documentaries and programs that rely on the interaction between the characters and viewers.

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