Russians Government Expresses Concern Over Biased American Judicial System

There has been an extraordinary development in the international relation between United States of America and Russia. The latter is warning its citizens against possible dangers one might face in United States and several other countries that have expatriation treaty with it. The Russian government has lucidly explained its people they are liable to face transportation and legal prosecution from the biased government of United States if they do not adhere to the warning of the government.
American Judicial SystemThis new approach is strikingly different from what the responsible States have been doing so far. Warning the citizens against dangers of war and terrorist attack and pandemic is not new but advising against another government is unusual. The Foreign Ministry bulletin published that the partial federal government of United States is showing their wrath particularly on the Russian citizens. They are detained in various countries at the order of American law enforcement without and proper legal trial. The Russian government’s survey shows that the evidence based on which the citizens are arrested are not authentic. Mention in this connection must be made of a Russian, who was charged with cyber crimes. Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, criticized the diplomatic approach of US saying that the charges and the arrest were completely biased. Besides, it cannot arrest the person from Dominican Republic of Aleksandr Panin, according to the 1999 Treaty. The pact demanded that a Russian could be arrested from Moscow directly.
The US is often accused by the Russian government of violating and interfering with the international law in its treatment of Russians accused of crimes. To cite as example, the American government played quite illegally while arresting Viktor Bout. Viktor, an accused international arms dealer was arrested from Thailand and later deported to US. Without following the norms of the Treaty was underwent trial and imprisoned. The American government denied all accusations.
There are other instances, which mark the violation of international law. Maksim Chukharayev was arrested in Costa Rica for huge money laundering operation. In addition, Dmitry Ustinov, in Lithuania for smuggling night vision goggles to Russia. There are many names in the list of the Russian foreign ministry, which states that the Russian embassies and consulate officials extend their legal support to the troubled Russians in foreign countries. However, warns that the result may not be always positive. The Russians do not have any faith on the judicial system of America.
Consequently, deportation, by the United States has been raising doubts. However, the problem reached its zenith recently. With Edward J. Snowden accused on criminal charges and granted provisional charges in Russia. This brought the two super powers in the arena, each charging the other. The current federal government wanted trial of Snowden, whereas the Russians questioned them about declining the latter’s request of deportation from Russia.
Actually, there is no formal expulsion treaty between Russia and America. As a consequence, the Russian Authority lacks the power to compel the United States of America to forcibly return Snowden from the transit zone of Shremetyevo airport.

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