Should You Take Time Off From College?

Should You Take Time Off From College

Is there ever a good time to take time off from college? Whatever your stance on the matter, many students take time off for their own personal reasons. It’s normal for college students to consider taking a break from school after just beginning, halfway through or even during their last year. Motivation sometimes decreases, making it harder to get through your daily classes. It takes energy and interest to complete your college education. If you notice you’re nodding off in class and losing focus, then it may be time for a break.

Anyone who’s asking themselves if they should take time away from education likely should. It’s a good idea to pay attention to your ambition and lack thereof. It’s better to take time off and come back fresh than to drudge through the courses half-heartedly barely passing, or worse, failing.

Remember, taking time off from college isn’t about quitting. It’s simply taking a break from the hustle and bustle of college life. The idea is to come back eventually, preferably soon. Some people take off a year, and others take off two years. College will always be there and your credits aren’t going anywhere, so it’s up to you to figure out when you’re ready to come back.

The following are a few reasons why most students take time off from college.

You Forgot Your Purpose

When you first started college, you had lots of motivation to complete your goals. Over time, you may question your quest, especially if you’re the one footing the bill. You can take the year off to go to work and reset your vision. You may feel that it’s time for a change in courses or even your major. It’s better to figure this out well before you graduate!

You’re Not Ready for College-Level Work

Not all high school seniors are prepared for college level materials. It can be overwhelming jumping right into this, making you want to drop out. If the work is a bit too challenging, consider taking time off to study more or even take a few remedial classes to get you caught up. You can find these available at local community colleges. Or you can hire a tutor to help get you at the right level.

Dealing with a Family Crisis

If someone in your family is sick or going through another major crisis, it can be very distracting. It’s not human to ignore the problems our family members are going through. Listen to your inner voice and take the time to be there for your family members. It’s hard to balance the two at the same time without home life negatively impacting your school work.

Making a Major Life Decision

It’s hard to make a big choice when all of your time and focus is spent on college. This could be planning a marriage, going through a breakup or changing your major. Taking time off is a good idea to focus on what your next big move will be. If you’re not sure about going after a marketing MBA, then reassess your course options.

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