Tips To Prepare For CBSE Class 12 Exams

Students appearing for CBSE class 12th boards are cautious about their preparation from the very first day of the session. The results attained in 12th plays a vital role to opt for a lot of competitive exams. Also, the percentage scored determines your admission in colleges. Therefore, it is important to score well to make your way to a great career.

Tips to prepare for CBSE class 12 exams:

Be Regular

Studying everything on the last minute will not help you develop a good understanding of any subject.CBSE syllabus for class12 is very vast and it requires time to get completed Start going through the topics as and when they are taught to you by your teachers. Doing so will help you stay acquainted with the course. Another reason for being regular with the course is – it incredibly helps you in reducing your burden when your exams are around the corner. It keeps you confident about the topics and going through them once or twice later will be enough.

External Assistance

You might not be able to grasp everything when taught in school, and feel the need of external assistance. It is always good to opt for a good coaching institute in this case. There are a number of tuition centers running for the preparation of 12th boards. Find one which is worth spending time and money for. Take recommendations from your friends and decide on one which gets the best feedback.

These institutes conduct mock tests at the end of the syllabus and Wbjee admin card Ensure you attend them all sincerely and see where you stand. Work on your weak areas as per the scores.

Meditation and Yoga

You mind stays in a lot of pressure as the exams approach near. It is very generic and you just need to keep yourself calm and composed. Practicing yoga and meditation will help you relax your brain. Sit for some meditation in the morning for say 10 to 15 minutes. You can even set a slot for it in the evening. This will help you de-stress yourself. Yoga too benefits in unwinding any tension and pressure that you carry. However, ensure that you practice them correctly. Wrong way of practicing yoga may prove to be hazardous. Go for mild breathing exercises which will regain all the energy that you have put in for your preparation.

Be Your Own Competitor

Compete with yourself. Prepare tests for yourself and keep a record of your scores. Try to perform better every time. See to it that your current score is better than the previous one. Mark your errors in every test and improvise them. By the time you attempt the final test you should gain cent percent score. Overcome your mistakes and challenge yourself to give a better performance each time.

Improve Your Speed

Speed is one aspect where even effective preparation of the course may not help. Work on your writing speed if it’s slow. Many students end up leaving a major part of the question paper as they cannot meet the deadline given to complete the paper. There is nothing worse than having to leave question whose answers are very well known to you. When solving sample papers or appearing for mock tests, do keep a note of the time you take. Set time limit for each question and try not to extend it. Wrapping up the exam on time gives you time to revise it and correct any mistake you have made in a hurry.

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