Some Of The Common Problem Encountered With The Garage Door

Garage door openers operate in a quiet, powerful and energy-efficient way. With continuous usage it can get few types of problems. A professional service and repair agency provides efficient, durable and long lasting resolution to these problems. In this article we will look at some of the common Garage door issues in detail.
The remote fails to work
If the garage door opens and closes perfectly when using the wall switch, there could be a problem with the remote control. Some of the possible solutions to this problem could be to hold the remote in line to the garage door opener. If that is not working, then you might need to replace the batteries in the remote or purchase a new remote.
The remote is functioning but the garage is not moving
When the garage door opener faces problem while moving, even when tried with remote as well as wall switch, then the problem could be in the lights. On missing to turn them on the power is not getting supplied to the door and that is preventing the door from working.
The garage door doesn’t completely close or reverses once it hits the ground
In this situation you need to ensure the sound functioning of close limit switch. It may require some sort of adjustment. If the switch is working fine, then to raise and lower the garage door manually to ensure it is binding. It can be the case that the metal hinges and rollers needs lubrication. Dirty, clogged or misaligned tracks can also be the reason.
The garage door properly opens and closes but the motor of opener continues to run.
This issue could be again due to the close limit switch that requires adjustment. One solution you can try is to move the door away from the motor unit.
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The garage door reverses its direction prior to touching the ground
This problem generally happens when there is a presence of an obstacle that prevents the smooth closing of the door.
Garage door opener halts in the midway or completely fails to engage
Garage door openers often come with a pair of sensor beams. The reason behind this problem is misalignment of the sensors, presence of any physical object in between or due to moisture on the surface.
Failing to get response from Wall Switch
There are cases when the remote works correctly, but the wall switch is unresponsive. Wall switches are wired into the home’s electrical system so it does not need any inspection or replacement of the switch wires. Hire a garage door repair technician who is well aware of the safe ways to replace the wall button.
There are various possibilities that can lead to the malfunctioning of different parts of the garage door. Troubleshoot the potential causes to identify whether the issues can be fixed by you, or a professional agency needs to be hired.

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