What Should You Do If You Are a Victim of Dog Bite?

There are occasions when you or any of your family members may become victim of dog bite. In this article, we are trying to suggest you few steps that you need to take. However, you may note that it is not a legal advice.
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Steps to be taken in case of dog bite:
1.First of all identify the dog and the dog owner
When you are bitten by dog then try to identify its owner or people, who were with the dog when it attacked you. You must try to obtain their names and addresses and also the details of the witnesses, who were around the scene. If you cannot identify the owner of the dog then you need to take series of injections, which are not only very painful but expensive too.
2.Take medical treatment
You must immediately consult a professional medical practitioner for taking proper treatment for dog bite. You must understand that dog bite is a very serious thing and its infection can have long term effect, which you cannot afford to ignore at any cost.
3.File a report to the authorities
After you are medically treated, you must file a report about dog bite to local authorities, even if your injuries are not too serious in nature. This will be your legal document, which may be used later.
4.Collect more information
Having identified the dog and its legal owner, you must try to find many other details about the dog. Try to know whether the dog has any record of biting. Enquire if the dog has bitten anyone earlier too and whether the dog has been legally declared as a dangerous animal.
5.Take clear photographs indicating your injuries.
You must get your injuries properly photographed, which can be used as evidence at later stage. You may need proper consultation with the doctor or nurse for taking photograph in the right angle. They can also help you to take photographs in safe manner so that it may not harm you. Photographs must include not only the bite wounds, but also bruises, torn clothes if any, traces of blood and the location where you were attacked.
6.Contact any suitable lawyer
Next important thing is to contact the lawyers, who are expert in these issues. The laws regarding the dog bites are quite complex and only lawyer can build the suitable case in your favor after consultation with the doctor, who treated you.
7.Start making your journal
In case, you are looking for obtaining medical compensation for your dog bite injuries then you have to start preparing a journal. You need to note down various thoughts that come to your mind for next few weeks after the incident. This journal will help you to fight your case in the court.

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