Start Your Own Craft Club

Start Your Own Craft Club

Are you a fan of crafting? Would you like to share your passion with like-minded adults? Then think about setting up a craft club to meet regularly with others to create craft projects, share ideas and techniques and socialise with people on the same wavelength as yourself.

Small Works

It is best to start a craft club on a small scale at first. Ask around your friends to see if they are interested, or may know anyone who might be. Once you’ve identified some likely club members, think about how the organisation will be arranged. Members will need to pay a subscription to pay for craft supplies and you will need a venue to hold the meetings.

Ask Around

Send out invitations to people you want to join in the club with you. The invitation should contain all the relevant information such as the schedule (when meetings will be held and where), the subscription amounts and the choice of craft projects to be tackled. Some craft clubs are held in people’s homes, others in more spacious venues. If your home is large enough to accommodate several crafters spread out with their various projects, then that is great. Think about the practical needs that crafters have such as a solid, sturdy work surface and plenty of light provision for small, detailed handiwork. Some craft projects can be messy, so factor this into your plans and preparation.

Start Your Own Craft Club

Get Crafty

Craft clubs vary in the way they choose projects. Some clubs will decide upon a project, for example, making decorative greeting cards, and they will all work together pooling ideas and resources. The club treasurer will be required to order card making supplies to get the project going. From the outset it is recommended to open an account with a reliable supplier of craft materials to provide the club with a wide variety of crafting equipment. Being regular customers and buying in bulk makes you an attractive proposition to craft supply businesses so be sure to haggle over prices and secure discounts where possible. For paper crafting and card making supplies choose companies that carry a large range of materials and that are able to deliver swiftly.

Choosing the type of crafts you make is up to you. At first it will help if you have a ready supply of ideas to get the ball rolling. After a while you will find through discussion that other club members have ideas they would like to explore.

Make Friends

A craft club isn’t just about sharing knowledge and expertise with fellow creative types, it is about socialising and bonding with new friends. A weekly meet-up over a cup of tea and cake and some serious crafting can give you a real boost. For those who may feel shy or socially awkward, having a craft project to focus on whilst you chat away, makes things less pressurised and more relaxed. Some people are very keen to throw themselves into activities that bring them into contact with others, but because of their physical frailties they are unable to sign up for aerobics or salsa classes. For these people, craft clubs offer a gentle, non physically demanding activity that focuses on their chosen area of interest and puts them in touch with individuals sharing the same passion.

Feed the Creative Force

The refreshments and snacks will determine the type of craft club it is. A good old cuppa with a slice of Victoria sponge cake will suit the more traditional of crafters. Other, more cutting edge creatives may opt for Mojitos or Martinis whilst they stitch and glue and sew. Finger foods that are easy to eat and not too messy make the best snacks.

Look Local

If you really like the idea of a craft club, but can’t face the daunting task of setting one up yourself, look in your local library for alternatives. There should be a branch of the Women’s Institute in your area and whilst they are not only concerned with crafts, they have a long tradition of craft making and in recent years have become very popular as people focus more on hand made, artisanal approaches to food and handicraft production.

If you are looking for a way of meeting new friends with similar interests, setting up or joining a craft club is a great first step. Who knows what exciting craft techniques you may pick up? You could even pick some new friends, too. Why not try it out and see what you can make out of it?

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