The Benefits Of Steel Shelving

Steel shelving is often in the medical or food industries where other shelving systems made from wood would not be as appropriate. Over long periods of time, wooden shelving can be victim to excessive moisture and eventually rot and mould, especially where they are kept in humid conditions such as a kitchen. Steel shelving does not succumb to the same fate as wooden shelving and it is easy to clean, ideal for a location which requires high standard of hygiene. Steel shelves are resistant to the usual wear and tear of wooden and plastic shelving and are incredibly strong so numerous heavy items can be placed on them.

Steel is a popular choice of material to use in the kitchen. As space in both a commercial and a home-based kitchen can be a rare commodity to store food, utensils plus pots and pans, shelving solutions such as those on sale from Action Storage, are ideal. They are strong, modern and clean, and the biggest benefit of being in a kitchen? They are flame resistant. In a kitchen, it is important to have as little flammable material as possible, so in the worst case scenario and there was a fire, the shelving would not accelerate the flames. Wooden and plastic shelving, whilst they may have benefits in other rooms or industries, are highly flammable and not ideal for use in a hot, busy kitchen.

Storing heavy equipment such as blenders, food processors, pans and chopping boards, calls for strong and durable shelving which will hold up and not buckle over time. Easy to maintain, steel shelving can be easily cleaned using soap and water and/or an anti-bacterial spray. Spillages can be quickly wiped or mopped to keep things clean and hygienic. The same cannot be said for wooden shelving, where spillages could potentially soak in and stain the shelving. Not only does this make them look unsightly and dirty, they can be a breeding ground for germs, bugs and bacteria, not something people like to see in a food preparation area.

The Benefits Of Steel Shelving

Action Storage specialise in shelving units which can be assembled quickly and easily. No special tools are needed as the shelving simply slots together without the need for bolts and screws. As the shelves are so easy to put together, they are easy to take apart too if they need to be moved or relocated. If a customer does not want to assemble the shelves themselves, or simply do not have the time, an installation service is provided by the highly trained and safety conscious team. They will have the shelves up and ready to use in no time at all.

Stainless steel shelving is the ideal storage solution in a food preparation environment where high levels of hygiene must be maintained at all times and there is high demand for a strong and durable area where heavy items can be safely placed.  No one wants to spend good money on equipment or furniture which is not up for standing the test of time; customers want hard wearing and durable items which are high quality and good value for money. Steel shelving from Action Storage fit these criteria down to a tee. It is no wonder that many different industries use steel shelving as a solution to their storage problems.

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