Varieties Of Pallet Trucks

A business must understand its own requirements before investing in any sort of material handling equipment. Bulky items might not only be unsuitable for pallets, they might actually be dangerous to transport on a truck without specialist packaging first being in place. Investing in pallet trucks would therefore be unwise and may cost a company much more in compensation and regulatory fines if an accident were to happen. On the other hand, if the intended goods are ripe for palletisation then investing some time in understanding what options are available out there is a very good idea since the range of truck types are quite broad including everything from weighing trucks to mini trucks and heavy duty ones. Fully manual, semi-powered and fully powered trucks are also available, varying in price and capability, so finding which one is the best for a particular company could save both time and money.

Options And Requirements

A standard pallet truck can be surprisingly affordable and available for around £200 minus VAT. Buying in bulk quantities should naturally ensure savings on individual prices but this standard truck will boast many advantages nonetheless. With up to 2.2 tonnes capability and fully compatible with the requirements of Euro Pallets at 1150 mm by 550 mm fork size, these are great acquisitions. This will instantly give a business the capability to receive European goods and pallets. A manual truck like this is surprisingly easy to use on a daily basis as well as maintain, although safety guidelines must always be followed.

Varieties Of Pallet Trucks

A mini truck is ideal for smaller businesses who perhaps don’t have the same amount of space to use. These are great for use with smaller lorries and vans since their decreased fork length of around 800 mm should make them more manoeuvrable. With half a tonne of capacity, this could be the perfect ticket for those sole traders and delivery companies who need a truck to unload and reload comfortably and efficiently. The lowered height makes it great for a wider range of applications as well as being suitable for almost all printers pallets.

Weighing In

An important part of the storage industry is being able to accurately and efficiently weigh goods. A weighing pallet truck has been specifically built for the task, allowing the user to very rapidly measure the weight of the goods while also transporting at the same time. This dual purpose device can save time and also increase productivity, particularly since workers don’t have to use a separate weighing station.

Power Assisted

Powered pallet trucks are great for those businesses that will see meaningful savings from the increase in efficiency. A fully powered truck can generally take up to 2 tonnes of weight, although models may vary. They might also providing lifting assistance as well as generally decreasing the amount of time it takes to transport and store. The prices can however be significantly higher for new models, breaking through the £3000 mark, which is why a business should always investigate what sort of performance increase such products will yield. The compromise is a semi-electric pallet truck that comes in at around half the price of the fully powered option. With a powered drive function, less effort is required to move 1.5 tonne goods around. Prices may vary according to capacity and size.

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