The Top 3 Surgical Handpiece Products That You Should Know More About

Dentists often rely on various tools to help them accomplish their goals and that is to perform dental surgery on their patients successfully. They will tell you that one of the most important tools that they always have to rely on will be the surgical handpiece. However with so many different manfuacturers of surgical handpiece that are out there on the market it can become daunting to look for the right ones for the job. Here are the top 3 types that you should immediately shift your focus to.

  • The oscillating saw blade surgical handpiece

Known to be one of the most popular type of surgical handpiece out there in the market, this product does live up to its name as a reliable piece of equipment for dentists everywhere. There are many benefits and features that only this product can bring and dentists are always having a hard time choosing between this type and with using other types of surgical handpiece.

The secret of its success lies in its ability to oscillate its movement as this helps to provide excellent and very efficient cutting motion that can cut through bone with a lot of ease. Typically this type of surgical handpiece is made out of a robust high-grade steel and as such is very sturdy and reliable.

The Top 3 Surgical Handpiece Products That You Should Know More About

  • The contra-angled surgical handpiece

This type of surgical handpiece is known to be one of the most common types of surgical handpiece out there as many dentists beginning their careers will often opt for this type. The reason behind it is simple as it handles very well and allows the dentist to have smooth movement while performing dental surgery.

More and more of these types of surgical handpiece are being manufactured with an external LED lighting so as to provide more light to the dentist. This is definitely a very helpful and highly sought after feature that all surgical handpiece should have. Due to dentists relying on the LED, it is made to last even longer than average light bulbs.

  • The straight shaped surgical handpiece

Perhaps the most recognizable of all dentist’s equipment, the straight shaped surgical handpiece helps dentists operate on people’s mouths easily and often comes with an ergonomic design to prevent fatigue. The way to use it is pretty straightforward and as such, this makes it one of the easiest devices to pick up and use right away.

Most of these types of surgical handpiece come with an external LED bulb as well to give some much needed lighting.

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