Green Energy With Viridian Energy

Green Energy With Viridian Energy

There are several people in the world today who are looking for cost-effective energy solutions. One company in Texas, USA making a positive difference in this regard is Viridian Energy. It is helping people across the globe to choose more responsible energy products that are pocket-friendly and within your budget.

Green Energy With Viridian Energy

Viridian Energy is focused on creating a positive difference in the USA via every meter it serves. This is in the form of gas, electricity and solar. The Company is under no compulsion to provide green energy because they need to. They do it because they feel that it is the right thing to do for the globe at present. The Company does not look at their service by saying that they are providing customers with higher quality products that cost less over brown energy. They are actually creating a huge positive difference in the energy industry.

If you check the market today, you will discover that most of these energy suppliers provide only the set amount of green energy needed in their products for electricity. This limited amount is known as Renewable Portfolio Standard. They of course are not doing anything wrong but they are just trying to be a part of the solution. Viridian Energy, on the other hand, is doing more than just supplying green energy. They are into the generation of green energy so that future generations can effectively get adequate supply for their power requirements.

One can buy renewable energy in the form of RECS or Renewable Energy Certificates. They can also be sold as well. You will find that RECS can be produced by sources that are as varied as huge wind farms that are owned by biomass facilities and corporations. They are created from solar arrays that you may find in the garage of your neighbor and former landfills. A single REC is issues for every megawatt-hour or MWh of renewable energy that is produced.

The generator of this MWh actually produces two assets- this is the electricity that is sold or even delivered to the grid and the REC that is sold to utilities and suppliers for fulfillment of their commitments to RPS and voluntary services to communities. When the REC is sold, it is later assigned to one serial number and it should be retired and never again used for fulfilling purchases of green electricity.

When it comes to Viridian Energy, this Company shows its commitment by buying RECs against half of its customer’s usage besides fulfilling the state’s RPS. For those customers that wish to go the extra mile and do a little more for the environment, the company gives them their goGREENER option. With this option customers protect the environment and help it to avoid 9,121 extra pounds of carbon via the company’s purchase of more RECs on their behalf. This figure equals to 9,851 miles that are not driven.

Therefore, by purchasing REC for each customer Viridian Energy helps providers of renewable energy to flourish, create a market for renewable electricity and support diversity for energy. This in turn contributes to large scale sustainability of the environment and helps the nation become independent when it comes to energy!

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