What Makes David Barcomb the Go-To Person For Ensuring Successful Estate Planning

Among the top demanding financial advisors in Boston, Massachusetts, undoubtedly David’s name must come in the toppers list. No wonder, when it comes to research based individualized asset management plan, estate or investment planning; from individuals to corporate, non-profit societies or financial institutes, always get in touch with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Inc, led by Barcomb. Importantly, David joined in Merrill in 2002 as its Sr. Financial Advisor. It is his knowledge, leadership ability and expertise that backed him to achieve the honorable chair of MD in this esteemed asset management corporate enterprise. David’s group offers wide-ranging review, advisory and solution services on wealth management, investment, asset management, estate planning and other financial advisers.

What Makes David Barcomb the Go-To Person For Ensuring Successful Estate Planning

With over 20 years of services rendered to people and corporate America, David is well acknowledged in both society and corporate business world as a genius investment planner and portfolio manager. In Merrill Lynch, all senior grade financial consultants, officials and employees consider and respect David as the group’s guide, principal and educator. The key areas that David Barcomb focuses include asset and resource management, investment plans and estate planning for individuals as well as business corporate and societies regardless of their financial status. He has become an icon to hundreds of thousands of senior citizens, top professionals like chartered accountants, attorneys associated with major bar councils and courts, and small business entrepreneurs due to his amazing vision power that never makes mistake.

Despite being a highly regarded top portfolio manager with oceanic knowledge level, the major attributes of David Barcomb that attracts clients are his listening attitude, attention to details and great insight. The MA based Portfolio Manager is a FINGRA securities listed service provider. David’s major subjects during graduation degree were Economics and Political Science; done from Trinity College. Subsequent to completion of his bachelor’s degree, David kicked off his professional life with Smith Barney group. Though, he joined them as its senior executive but left Smith after becoming its Senior Vice President. His next job destination was the well known financial management enterprise USB Global Wealth Management. From the time of working with USB group he started thinking in a different way in regard to offering clients with custom made financial solutions. Finally, he reached his dream concept after joining Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Group.

No surprise, he is the foremost thinker when it comes to 100% research based personalized estate planning or asset management subjects and solutions. Another major identification of David Barcomb is his great involvement in community development activities. As a key member of the trustee-board of South Shore Hospital Charitable Foundation Society aside from advising the society people he organizes fundraising programs from time to time. These funds are mainly used for equipping the South Shore Health care unit with latest medical devices and for hiring qualified health care staffs. The society actively works to ensure overall well-being of South MA community people. David is associated with this Charitable Society since 2007 and is planning to continue his services for the development of his society people.

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