Things To Know Before Getting Brows Done

Things To Know Before Getting Brows Done

Before taking an appointment, to get your eyebrows done there are few important things you need to know. Eyebrows are one of the best features of anyone’s face, it is essential to maintain and trim them properly. People feel frustrated when your brows are not shaped properly. Every woman dreams of having a well tamed eyebrow like celebrities with a well defined arch, but reality lies away from what people dream about.

If you are also not satisfied whenever you get your eyebrows done, you need to remember these important things in mind before your first appointment.

Things To Know Before Getting Brows Done

Do your Homework:This is the initial step of the whole procedure. Do your complete homework before getting your eyebrows done. Decide the type of eyebrow you like most and which would suit on your face. Plus you should be well informed about the pros and cons of the procedure, you are going for, threading or waxing.

Grow before you go:Before taking an appointment to get  your brows done, make sure you have full growth to give them proper shape. Don’t get your eyebrows done when they are already half grown. Wait patiently till you have enough hair growth over your eyebrows. This helps giving them a perfect shape you want.

Avoid Eye Makeup:This is extremely the most important point to consider. Avoid piling on the cluster of eye make ( eyeshadow and eyeliner) before getting your brows threading done. One hour before  you walk into the salon, wash your face and get rid of all dirt and makeup. Also, avoid applying eyebrow pencil, as it is difficult for your aesthetician to notice the real eyebrow lines.

Avoid Plucking in Advance:Some girls are obsessed with their brows set right and have this bad habit of over plucking their eyebrows. The more you this, the more thinner your brows will get. But learning from mistakes is a great thing. Do not pluck your eyebrows before you get them done. Leave some work to be one by your salon professional, at least, because you are paying for it.

Be Clear to your Eyebrow  Artist:The most important aspect between the stylist and a customer is communication. Once your hair has been pulled out, can’t be stick back to the same place. It takes almost a month to regrow, if it’s gone. Make sure you tell them everything very clear, what you have been doing to your eyebrows  Threading  and be specific about what you exactly want . It will make the process easy for you as well for the stylist.

Relax and Be  Calm:Most of the people panic due to the pain they feel while plucking their hair off while threading. You need to aware about that this process hurt a little. It’s an uncomfortable situation but stress can make things worse than they actually are. So breathe deeply ,  keep calm and think of perfect shaped and more arched eyebrows. If  still it hurts the way beyond your tolerance level, ask your aesthetician to slow down or stop.


So, are you looking forward to get your brows done by an aesthetician?  The above mentioned are some essential things you should know before taking an appointment.

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