Three Suggestions About How to Handle Discrimination in the Workplace

Feeling happy, comfortable, and safe at work is vital, and enjoying work can contribute to living a fulfilling, healthy and meaningful life. A kind and supportive work environment can be wonderful!
Unfortunately, however, instances may arise at an individual’s place of employment which can create a very difficult work environment, and this can include discrimination in the workplace. According to “Legal Dictionary,” discrimination in the workplace is defined as “The discrimination in favor of or against an employee based on a group, category, or class to which the individual belongs, rather than on individual merit.” Fortunately, there are regulations that are in place to protect employees, and there are lawyers that specialize in employment law (such as the lawyers at Levitt LLP, for example). Additionally, there are steps that an employee can take to protect herself or himself from this form of discrimination. Here are three suggestions about how to handle any discrimination at work.

1) Stand Strong

If an individual is experiencing any form of discrimination at his/her job, being strong and standing up for oneself is crucial. Reporting negative behavior from a coworker or another person at work to a supervisor or the human resources department may be a helpful first step to consider.

2) Keep Detailed Records

If a worker is being treated poorly, keeping detailed records about any actions that are discriminatory is important. For example, if an email has been sent which includes a discriminating comment, a staff member can choose to save the email and the details about who sent it, and when it was written in order to accurately report the behavior.

3) Seek Legal Counsel

Laws and protections for employees may differ depending on where an individual resides. Understanding the rights to which employees are entitled by law can be very helpful, and hiring a lawyer or a legal team may be necessary to ensure that a worker is protected.

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