How A New Exhaust Can Boost The Performance Of Your Car

Even though a new exhaust system may not add any extra power, it will surely improve the performance of your car.
If you can improve the efficiency of your car’s exhaust system, then you can also increase the power of your car. Most of the cars with F100 exhaust systems are mass produced from the factory usually have “restrictive” exhaust mufflers that the manufacturers install.
Working of car’s exhaust system
They are designed to reduce the engine noise. However, they also limit the performance of the car by forcing the exhaust gases to exit through small holes, which is not right. After running your car, the exhaust systems will enlarge the aperture that improves the efficiency of engine and also reduces fuel consumption that unlocks extra power.
Check for quality
Better to pay for any good quality of exhaust system otherwise you will need to deal with cheaper mufflers that are often filled with fiberglass materials for muffling the noise. This fiberglass may easily overheat and also melt on your long trips. This may end up blocking the exhaust system and subsequently reduces your performance of car.
A dual exhaust system may look good but usually can be a bad idea, particularly on small displacement 4-cylinder engines. Any car may require one exhaust system for each exhaust manifold and also most small cars will have only one, hence splitting the system does not help.
Performance benefits
Based on your car type and the chosen muffler or exhaust system, you may expect to enhance your car’s performance about 3%. You may use that 3% as equivalent extra speed, or lower fuel consumption by driving at same speed.
Though 3% may not sound too much, it will add up over time. This may result into significant cost saving, especially if your car gets driven every day. Usually, smaller cars will benefit the most with adding of performance exhaust system.
By including less-restrictive muffler, it is possible to boost the performance of engine by 5% to maximum about 10%, depending on fuel injection system.
Retailers and installers of exhaust system usually advise that you must choose exhaust system which fits your power band of vehicle. Big may not better so select a system with exhaust pipe which has similar diameter like factory-installed pipe.
Diesel engines may benefit from any larger exhaust pipes however most cars may leave the factory having pipes of optimum width. Cheaper mufflers will usually be installed to keep sale price of car down. Also, they are designed for reducing noise levels but not for enhancing the engine performance.
Car’s visual appeal may improve with enlarged exhaust tips, but so far as performance is concerned, they will make no difference, so you may go as large that you like. Important point is the pipe size between the exhaust tip and catalytic converter.
Basically, you can boost the car engine efficiency from 2% to 10% by replacing its standard exhaust system with after-market performance muffler.
This extra efficiency can help in enhancing the fuel economy or horsepower of your car.

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