Top Reasons to Add Memphis To Your Must-visit List

Memphis bring to mind top barbeque food and blues music. However, there are many other good reasons visitors take a tour to this destination. If you are still not convinced then below are some top reasons to add Memphis to your must-visit list.
A happening location – Beatle Street
Beatle Street was built to honor a military hero in 1841. In this spot, the blues music was launched, so is an important location in the history of Memphis. In 1920s, the Street was abode to many restaurants, theaters, pawnshops, and nightclubs. There were dark happenings like prostitution, voodoo, and gambling, too. Several blues club periodically hosts outdoor live concerts and music festivals on the downtown street.
Budget friendly
Affordability Memphis offers to the residents and tourists is same. Accommodation rents and overall cost for goods & services is low than other cities. Visitors don’t need to spend a lot because there are several free things to do and see around Memphis. Therefore, it does not matter if you are passing through or desire to spend some time here you can enjoy the place without any concerns about expenses.
Visit We are Memphis website to check all the fun things that happen like free concerts at Levitt Shell or Big River Crossing for outdoor experience without breaking your bank.
Barbeque capital
Memphis is popular for its barbeque and you will find everything ranging from tried chicken to pulled pork at the BBQ joints across the town. It is also famous for dry rub ribs. Majority of these dishes are thickly smeared in seasonings and sauces, so this city got its reputation as BBQ capital.
Rich cultural history
Memphis is saturated with museums that visitors can explore. The 19th century cotton economy had made Memphis a site for domestic slave trade. Besides slave labor, Memphis also witnessed the development of music and art.
All this is documented in multiple landmarks and museums across the town. For example, the Cotton Museum was opened again in 2006, which was Memphis Cotton Exchange in the past.
Elvis still resides in Graceland mansion
The Rock ‘n’ Roll king, Elvis Presley lived in Graceland mansion, which is the 2nd most visited house besides the White House in America. It is a museum and still holds several original artifacts and décor including a painting Elvis received from father as a Christmas present.
There are also family pictures displayed inside the mansion and Meditation Garden outside, where Elvis rests along with his other family members.
Southern Hospitality
Memphis does not lack in offering a warm welcome to visitors. They are considerate, warm hearted, and well-mannered. Even weekend visitors feel at home because of the Southern hospitality atmosphere.
Great adventurous outdoor activities
All round the year Memphis experiences the nicest weather, so outdoor activities are many. Situated alongside Mississippi, Memphis has 60+ miles of bike lanes including the adventure park and Shelby Farms Greenline.
Mud Island River Park includes a mono rail, river walk, and pedal boats. In addition, there is a hydraulic replica of lower Mississippi River right from Cairo to Illinois to New Orleans. Baseball games can be enjoyed at the AutoZone Park or tee off at the golf courses or watch hockey game or catch car show at Raceway.

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