Top 5 Bond Movies

Top 5 Bond Movies

We all know how much all these bond series, movies with super high-class performances. These movies are continuing with extraordinary legacy, worldwide fans will always welcome these movies with excitement and high expectations. If the movies mesmerizes the audience, then the movie going to become a blockbuster with commercial earning. Bond movies create a special kind of interest in the audience’s mind, series of bond movies filled up with action scenes and beautiful actress romances which are shown highly classical and rich in these movies. Each movie comes with a serious problem and the solution to that problem by any ever-younger stylish James Bond. Using a rich side gadgets and new innovative technologies and mind-blowing action sequences creates an extra excitement in bond movies. Until now 24 bond movies have been released and earned huge collections worldwide with bond factor. However, these films are very popular only a few made the box-office collections huge.

Gold Finger

It’s become a phenomenal successes film after a film of bond released earlier, but this movie become a big hit. Cast in this movie includes Gert Frobe who done an excellent job as appearing like James bond a secret agent. Many action sequences are placed in the narration from the beginning of the story. From the start, the point of the movie bond performs a series of action sequences and playing with explosives, many new techniques and gadgets were used in the film. The sceneries, camera play in the film mesmerize the audiences.

Golden Eye

This film released in 1995 as another sequel for the bond series, the cast in the movies includes Pierce Brosnan, who played fantastic role in the movie and perfectly suitable for the character. Natalya Fyodoronva Simonova, Xenia Zirgavna Onatopp are acting as the bond girls. In this film Mr. Bond tries to stop a rogue agent from damaging world computers, as other movies many action scenes and stunning stunts are performed in the film which makes the audience happier. Bond girls super attractive and played a brilliant, sexy role in the film.

Diamonds are Forever

This bond film was released in 1971, Mr Sean Connery acted as the 007 in this film, the cast includes Erns Starvo Blofeld, Willard Whyte and Tiffany Case, Plenty O’Toole as bond girls. This film came after the On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. In this film the story goes as the bond starts to investigate about a diamond smuggling plot, movies include awesome car chasing scenes with most expensive cars in this world which will eventually damage just like that in the movie.

 The Living Daylights

This sequel was released in 1987 and it is Dalton’s First movie as performing Bond Role. It’s become a new fresh look at the bond movies as the new actor playing the bond movies, the story plot goes as the bond starts to investigate a horse racing scam by horrible industrialist. Along with Timothy Dalton, the cast includes Maryam d’Abo, Jeroen Krabbe and others. The soundtrack used in the background of the movie created a sensation and gave a positive talk for the movie.

Sky Fall

In this latest Bond movie Daniel Craig appears as the Bond, the story mainly turns around the investigation of the attack on MI6. The revenge includes an awesome series of high-class car chases and stunning fight sequences with superior quality. The Bond plays a major role alone in the film for the investigation the first part of the movie itself contains many action sequences. The cast film along with Daniel Craig are Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris and others.

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