Why Electrolyte Beverages Are Crucial For Powerful Work Stamina

Why Electrolyte Beverages Are Crucial For Powerful Work Stamina

For workers in tough grind industries like construction, factories, agriculture, metal processing facilities, etc., exposure to sweltering and humid working conditions is not something new. Employees who work in manufacturing plants too, have to combat almost boiling temperatures on a daily basis. Despite the shelter of protective equipment, they face the risk of heat stress. With limited access to enough fluids, industrial workers often suffer from dehydration. It is crucial to keep the body hydrated with more than just plain water in such harsh situations. Water is good, but not enough. The high degree of heat and constant sweating makes the body lose out on essential nutrients and electrolytes. It is imperative to supplement this loss with drinks much more potent than plain water. Much to everyone’s relief, the market is flooded with essential electrolyte beverages. You have two very lucrative options to make sure your hydration needs are warranted for- Gatorade and Sqwincher.

Why Electrolyte Beverages Are Crucial For Powerful Work Stamina

Hydration Beats Dehydration

In coming months of an intense heatwave, employers can’t be more careful regarding their employee’s health. It is necessary for employers to invest sufficiently and invest correctly! Dehydration is no small matter. Hydration beats dehydration. Powerful Electrolyte supplements such as Gatorade and Sqwincher is optimum hydration. Sqwincher and Gatorade beats dehydration. They kill thirst and boost crucial body electrolytes; provide the much-needed rehydration during the toughest working conditions. Sqwincher’s potent hydration solution has been formulated to tackle the most rigorous labor conditions at almost any merciless temperature.

Theory of Hydration

The human body sustains a constant internal temperature, even when exposed to different climatic conditions. Workers can lose up to 1.5 liters of water per hour through sweating during high temperatures. To release excess heat, the body regulates the rate and amount of blood circulation through the skin and releases fluids into it through sweat glands. Cooling off the body becomes difficult as blood brought to the body surface is unable to lose its heat. Sweat evaporation ensures a constant body temperature. But, sweating cannot cool the body until the moisture leaves the skin through evaporation. The situation gets worse when workers wear heavy protective gear. Medical research states that prolonged sweating disturbs the usual cardiovascular functions and that fluid ingestion minimizes the rise in body temperature by ensuring higher skin blood flow.

Replacing body fluids gone through sweating is essential to control heat stress and keep workers in good shape. Electrolyte supplements such as the Low-Calorie G2 from Gatorade helps to replace the fluids lost through sweat. G2 contains less than half of the carbs and calories normally found in Gatorade’s similar supplements. Sqwincher, on the other hand, is the working athlete’s health potion. Everytime the workers break a sweat, hand ’em a Sqwincher and see them exploding with energy.

When and How?

Hydration experts recommend that taking such fluids every 15-20 minutes can keep workers sufficiently hydrated and help maintain a safe core body temperature. It also ensures a lesser-strained cardiovascular system and minimum heat-related illnesses. Workers should drink before, during and after physical labor in order to replace the body fluid lost through sweat. One must know that feeling thirsty equates to being dehydrated. The workplace, more than anywhere else, should be the most equipped with adequate and suitable fluid supply. Electrolytic beverages must be consumed chilled as the coolness aids in quicker absorption.

Beverages such as soda, coffee or tea must be avoided strictly. These act as diuretics, as a result, the fluids within the body gets depleted.Taking electrolyte drinks at regular intervals is not only a good practice, but is compulsory as well. Top notch beverages including Gatorade and Sqwincher not only help keep heat stress at bay, but also ensures that a worker stays healthy in mind and body. When workers have proper hydration, they will remain healthy and will be productive even under the most stressful working conditions.

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