Top Strategies For Conversion Rate Optimization Of Magento Store

One of the major concerns of the Magento platform users is to know about the ways to increase the conversion rate of their online stores so as to get more revenue. So to help you out, some tips have been shared here which can be used to improve conversions rates.

Top Strategies For Conversion Rate Optimization Of Magento Store

Quick strategies: Magento features are quick and affordable. You can increase the conversion through two Magento factors:

  • Elastisearch: This facility which is only present in the enterprise edition helps the customers to find what they are looking on the site in less time. For better user experience, you can add some synonyms, values or stop words in the search setting.

  • Saved credit cards and PayPal checkout: Magento 2 checkout, varnish caching and support for product videos have solved many issues and improved conversion rate of the store. Two other things which can help you with conversion rate are Customer Segmentation and Visual Merchandiser.

Toolbox for CRO: Google Analytics is the most important tool for CRO on your Magento store. There are certain metrics you must go through to understand it like:

Average Page Depth and Average Session Duration

Conversion rate: Know what your current position is and look for ways to get better.

Exit rate: More exit rate indicates towards poor speed or content or something else related to it.

The latter two has more influence on conversion rate, so the more you improve them you will find better conversion rate.

Depending on your budget, there are different conversion rate optimization tools available like Google PageSpeed Insight (free), Inspectlet(free basic plan), Google Content Experiments(free), MageMail(conversion based payment) and AddShoopers(expensive). Better hire a certified Magento developer for the task.

Break the conversion funnel : To improve your conversion rate break the funnel into two parts like – web to cart and cart to sale. This process will help to improve the conversion up to 30% on the basis of the cart value and the industry. Always keep an eye on the funnels for the same.

Next thing you need to do for better sales is to concentrate on the mobile conversions and improve it.

Lastly, break your traffic sources. This will help you maximize the conversion by improving the landing pages of different sources. This way you can even allocate proper budget on different sources properly.

CRO for B2B: For B2B customers CRO is very important. Mostly B2B customers spend very less time on the online store to find something. So your website should be designed in such a way that it will provide them everything that they are looking for within few minutes. Again you should know what they will be looking on your website and such products should be made available at easy to find places. If you are not sure about customer activity, better find the right tool to understand customer behaviour.

Say Bye to Conversion Killers:

  • While displaying a product make sure to show the shipping charge and price of the product as it will help the customer to calculate the total spending on the product. In case you are providing a Free Shipping facility, then it is recommended to use it with every product. Studies show that it has a positive effect on the shoppers and you may get conversions.

  • Always provide contact information like email, phone numbers or your social contacts for the convenience of the customers.

  • Must add return policies.

  • Delivery information should be crystal clear. If possible provide the exact delivery date than tentative ones.

  • You can see a visible increase in sales by providing different payment methods to your customers. Again make sure you have a wallet method like AmazonPayments or PayPal.

  • One of the important thing that any business needs to establish is trust in the market place. So one should work hard to built it with campaigns.

Set achievable goals: In order to keep yourself and your team motivated to work better make sure to have persistent goals for your business. Again you should make a constant effort to look for ways to get more sales out of your online store. You can either check your competitors as well as go through different sources.

That’s all for now! These tips will help you improve the performance of your website and get better conversion rate. Achieving conversion rate optimization is not easy and you need to work constantly on it to get better results every time.

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