Recover Your Data Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

I am too much dependent on my computer. In fact, it’s how I make a living for me and my family. So I always want to protect the information on my computer that is important to me. So the idea behind EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard sounds good for me. The ability to recover deleted files or lost data due to a software crash or virus or Shift+Delete is something that I am very interested in. However, there are other data recovery software out there that offer the same kind of service but EaseUS looks quite different.

Recover Your Data Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

So how EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard does works… let’s find out!


Main Functionality

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is software that can help restore data that has been deleted or lost. There are many scenarios that can cause files to be lost, like viruses, system crashes or even unexpected shutdowns. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard does not replace the need to back up your information at other locations, but it can help protect against the unexpected and recover from the unexpected.

Take note there are multiple versions of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard available:

  • Data Recovery Wizard Free

  • Data Recovery Wizard Pro

  • Data Recovery Wizard Pro+ Win PE

  • Data Recovery Wizard Technician

This review is specifically on data recovery Wizard Free, not the other versions


  • Can recover files that have been previously deleted or lost

  • Can search for lost files by specific file type(s) or all files

  • Can preview files prior to recovery

  • Has a built in search tool to search found files

  • Can recover more than one file at once

  • Recovered my “test files” just fine.

  • Easy to use thanks to the program’s easy-to-understand wizard

  • Does not recover files just from your internal hard drive. It can also recover data from USB drives, external drives, memory cards, MP3 players, digital cameras, and more.


  • It can recover just 2 GB of data from the free version.
  • No Lifetime Upgrades
  • No Technician Support
  • No Technical Support

But these drawbacks can be easily removed by trying out other versions of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.


We feel that the Free Version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is absolutely a good solution if you widh to recover data below 2 GB. For recovering more than 2 GB of data, we recommend to our readers to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro Edition. It is worth..!!!

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