When To Call Animal Friendly North Shore Vet?

Pets are like kids. They can be too naughty, careless and clumsy at times so it is possible that they could meet accident such as slipping down your stairs in the middle of the night. When that happens, what would you do? Is it the right time for you to call a good veterinarian or just apply your own way of treating them?

When To Call Animal Friendly North Shore Vet?

Is it wrong to call?

Definitely not! Nothing should hold you back when contacting expert North Turramurra vet clinic when your pet’s life is at stake. You should know enough that veterinarians are prepared and trained for emergencies. You don’t need to worry when waking them up late at night. As a matter of fact, AAHA-accredited hospitals are obliged to give round the clock services and access and even emergency care.

Always keep in your mind that you know your pet’s behavior than anybody else. As soon as you notice that they are acting weird or there’s something wrong with them, it’s just a sign that you need to give a ring your vet. Through asking some questions via phones, your vet must able to tell whether they really need to see your pet right away or not.

When To Call Animal Friendly North Shore Vet?

How can you say that it’s a definite emergency?

On the other hand, there are instances that calling isn’t the right thing to do. Immediately bring your pets as soon as your notice these symptoms:

  • You can’t feel your pet’s heartbeat or is not breathing anymore
  • Been unconscious
  • Vomiting or suffering from diarrhea for over one day
  • Has broken bones
  • Experienced traumatic situation like falling from a high place
  • Bleeding from mouth eyes or nose
  • Having seizure
  • Ingested toxics such as rat poison, antifreeze or any medicine
  • Can’t urinate
  • Suffering from extreme pain
  • Can’t stand up or suddenly collapses

What you should do?

First thing, you MUST do is to get in touch directly with a professional vet. Never use email or voicemail. In dealing with emergency, preparedness is your key to save your pet’s life. Ask your vet on the things you should do during this worse time. Also, you should know whether they operate 24 hours or just refer such cases on weekends and evenings. If yes, then grab the address, name as well as contact number of the facility they are referring to.

This information must be kept near your phone along with the doctor’s number, poison-control hotline and fire department. By doing this, when an emergency comes along, you don’t need to search them anymore from folders and drawers. In addition to this, read some tips in applying first aid for your pets. Write them down if possible.

Above all, you should always trust your instinct. Our pets are already part of our family. You have all the right to become worried and sad when they are not feeling well. But with the help of friendly vet from the nearest vet clinic near at North Shore, you can be rest assured that they are in good hands. Therefore, always feel free to call them anytime.

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