Types Of Shoes Woman Should Have In Their Wardrobe

Types Of Shoes Woman Should Have In Their Wardrobe

As a woman, I know you would agree when I say that women cannot have too many shoes. That’s a fact. In fact, we would buy all the shoes that we would come across with if we would have it our way. Sadly, there are many things that prevent us from doing so—lack of budget, lack of closet space and for some, their partners who would never understand the importance of having the right shoes in your closet.

Because of these limitations, we are forced just to buy and use only a few types of shoes. And because of that, we find it difficult to determine which ones should we buy. Well, we believe that even though shoes are a woman’s best friend, there are still some shoes that are most important than others. In fact, we have enumerated the shoes that are worthy to be in your closet below.

1. Leather Sandals

If you will be out of the office, there is no need for you to wear shoes that will just bring pain to your feet. Instead, you would need something much more comfortable, but that doesn’t mean that you would have to sacrifice style too! That’s because, among the different style of shoes for women, you can find one that is both comfortable and stylish—the leather sandals.

This type of shoe is actually a step up from your usual flip flops, but the comfort that it gives is just the same. This shoe features a leather sole that is soft with either a foot strap or ankle strap. Truly, this type of shoe is perfect for those days when you just don’t care too much about the time, and all you just want to do is to head out without any itinerary or plan in mind. Wearing this is also the best way to experience the vacation feels when you are stuck in the city.

2. The Statement Heels

Every woman needs one but sadly, not every woman has one. When it comes to looking for different styles of shoes for women, the statement heels would always take a backseat. That’s because they can be a bit pricey. However, we believe that this type of shoe is worth splurging for. After all, this one is going to make your feet a standout.

It is also amazing in adding a touch of sophistication to any simple outfit that you have on. More than that, this shoe symbolizes your personal style so don’t be afraid to go crazy when choosing one. When it comes to your statement heel options, the sky is the limit! You can find heeled shoes in various textures, colors, designs and styles.

3. Nude Pumps

They would say black is always a classic but nothing beats nude pumps when it comes to versatility. So if you are already getting tired of your black pumps, try out this new trend as it goes well with pretty much everything.

It can be worn to the office, to a party, to a night without friends and even to a job interview. Its color is so unassuming that it can be perfectly paired with just about any dress or clothes that you have on.

4. Rain Boots

There will come a time in the life of a woman when she needs to think more about the shoe’s functionality than the design. But choosing rain boots is not one of them. Why? Well, that’s because we have now the most stylish selection of rain boots there are! These cute and stylish boots will be your go-to footwear when the weather gets tough! Who says you have to choose between looking cute and protecting your feet.

5. High Heeled Strappy Sandals

Your pumps are not your only option when it comes to formal or office wear. Another great style that you can opt for is the high heeled sandals with lots of straps. It offers the comfort of a classic pump but with added class, sexiness, flair and a style. These are perfect for skirts, party dresses and is considered to be the best day-to-night footwear by most women.

As women, we have been raised to believe that all shoes are created equal. However, we believe that there are some shoes that are essential and some are just luxury or whim. If you wish to be practical in your shoe spending, we suggest investing in the types of shoes that we have mentioned above.

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