What Policies Has Been Changed With Trump Winning?

With a light note, Americans have truly played trump by electing Trump as the 45th President of the world’s oldest democracy. Mr. Donald Trump, better known as the business tycoon in US, literally waged a war to win the electoral battle. However, it is now being widely publicised that Mr. Trump was once humiliated by the outgoing President Mr. Barack Obama in the open forum and Trump has proved r point to his critics by winning the US Presidential Election 2016.

Whatever may be the driving force behind Trump’s successful campaign of 2016 presidential election, one thing is very clear now that the people of America wanted to shift the baton to the Republicans with the hopes of bringing change in policies in the best interest of the Americans. This is evident from the poll promises that Trump made during his campaign days.

What Policies Has Been Changed With Trump Winning?

Therefore, it can be fairly presumed that US policies towards its allied countries are bound to change for promoting and protecting the interests of the Americans. In short, you can expect to see many changes happening in US policies after Trump assume office in January next year. However, the million-dollar question is how things will change with Trump in charge and it’s doing the rounds in the markets around the world.

Key changes that are likely to happen:

  • Trump has proposed to reduce the corporate tax to 15% from its current 35%-mark. Having said that, he means business for US once again and creates more job opportunities for the citizens of the country. How? Well, the companies having office setup outside the will be wooed back to US with the reduced tax structure. This, in other words, would mean a colossal loss of investment and employment opportunities in those countries where the US companies were running its’ own business operations with a complete office setups. Trump has also proposed stricter outsourcing norms to ensure that jobs are done within the US.
  • There will be stricter rules for H-1B visa that allows foreign nationals to work in US on a temporary basis. In other words, companies having offices in US will find increasingly difficult to hire resources from outside the US and it will eventually translate to more jobs for the Americans. In the process, unemployment issue in US is likely to be tackled at its best within the present set of corporate structures.
  • The president elects Trump announces re-negotiating agreements with the allied countries with a view to crack deals befitting the interest of US further. However, time will tell the truth here as to how things will change with Trump in charge.
  • Trump has vowed against terrorism and sees China as an emerging power in South Asia. Thus, to contain China, Trump is likely to emphasise the bonding with India. In other words, India is likely to get more support in terms of the latest arms and ammunitions.

However, it’s too early to say anything with conviction with regard to the possible changes in the US policies that are likely to follow after this December 31.

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