Understanding The Scope Of Your Audits

Understanding The Scope Of Your Audits

Regardless of where the company chooses to start their manufacturing operations in, it is a fact that they would be bound by the rules and procedures that have been set forth by the local government. This is especially true for China where the government maintains a strict control over all businesses that are operating within its boundaries. That is why companies often consider having frequent factory quality inspections.

Understanding The Scope Of Your Audits

Ensuring The Delivery Of Your Products

There are many factors that can cause product defects while on the manufacturing floor and not all of these factors can be directly controlled by the company. That is why with frequent quality inspections can really help the company to identify their defective items and to ensure that they are not shipped out to the customer.

An audit can typically look at the processes that are involved in production and to ensure that defective items are kept to a minimum. However, companies can have the option of having final-shipment inspections which is where a final inspection is done on the shipment before they leave the company grounds. Audits can help to prevent defects from going to customers which could tarnish the company’s image.

Knowing The People You Are Working With

A popular form of factory audits also involves looking at the company’s circle of partners, distributors and resellers. It goes without saying that the people the company chooses to work with will ultimately become the carriers of that brand. Nothing can be more damaging than when the company deals with partners that are not licensed or are not in line with the industry’s regulations.

This type of inspection involves looking at the company’s resellers and to ensure they have their licenses up to date. There will also be checks into their background to see if they have been operating within the legal limits of the company.

It’s A Standard Across Industries

It doesn’t matter if your company is operating in the textile industry or the food industry as there is no limit when it comes to performing an inspection. What you should be aware of is that different sets of skills are needed for different industries, as well as the knowledge of that particular industry.

At the end of the day, all you should be looking for is the certification that is given to your company, clearing it of all audits. With this certification, your company is free to operate within China and as long as it continues to abide by the industry’s standards and regulations, there should be no problems that will prevent it from continuing its operations.

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