How To Dress For A First Date

How To Dress For A First Date

Girls love dressing up, and boys don’t. Now that is where everything goes wrong in a boy’s life. How? Well, if girls love to show how good they are in dressing up, then they sure do expect the same talent in their dates.You are not expected to know all the rules of fashion, nor do you need to spend almost half of your money on buying a whole new wardrobe for yourself, all this just to impress your girl? No! All you need is some basic knowledge about some known (which are obviously unknown to you, yet!) fashion tips which are simple yet important, and you’re good to go.

How To Dress For A First Date

No matter how many branded shirts and jeans you have, if you don’t know how to make a combination of these, you are no better than a man who has no taste in fashion and believe us when we say that women will definitely judge you and will surely make your first date a last one. So, here we are with some simple tips for you to follow so that you can show your lady that you indeed have a taste for fashion and style.

  1. Own A Decent Looking Wallet: Since you are the one who will be paying for dinner, it is a must for you to have a decent black or brown colour leather wallet with you. You will get brownie points for this choice.
  1. Do Not Wear Anything Which Has A Logo On It, Or Written On It: This will be a major turn off for your date if you would go to her wearing a t-shirt having something written on it or worse having a whole Simpson family on it. This will send a wrong message, and hence, the date will be a failure.
  1. Selection Of Shoes Should Be Made Appropriately: Just because you think shoes don’t matter, doesn’t mean they don’t! Shoes are one of the most important factors which will be noticed by your date instantly and if she will not like your shoes, then she will end up having a bad perspective about you.

Good quality boots, lace-ups, and loafers are some of the options, which you can prefer, as they are the safest ones. Socks should be of fine wool and don’t you dare forget polishing your shoes- just not too much, that she will leave you behind and move on.

  1. Denims Should Be Dark, Slim, And Plain: Loose or very tightly fitted jeans for men are not at all considerable, and cannot be worn on a date. Also, do not ever go for a boot-cut unless you see yourself at the rodeo. Always stick to a basic dark pair of jeans, which alone, will do wonders.
  1. Cologne Should Be Nice: Wear scent but not too much. There are few odours that can attract a woman to a man but don’t try too hard to impress that you end up pouring a whole bottle on yourself. Instead, focus on being clean, wear cologne conservatively, so that it doesn’t irritate her, but attract her to you. If you want to hold her hands forever, then please clean your nails, before your date.
  1. Don’t End Up Being A Peacock OR Wearing A Stripped Shirt: Too bright colours can never be preferred for a first date or any date, whatsoever! You don’t want to associate yourself with a peacock, or a gothic boy. All black or all bright will not work at all and end up embarrassing you badly.

Also, don’t wear a suit, except to such dates which will be somewhere incredibly swanky or posh, else you’ll look like a man who has come directly to date after finishing a meeting. If you dress up like a salesman, then this will make her think everything wrong, and your date will not go fine at all. You can always choose a nice plain t-shirt which further can be paired with a sports jacket nicely. Your girl will definitely love you at first sight if you know how to tuck a shirt half in, and halfway out.

So, at last, those branded shirts, pants or suits will not matter at all, all that what matters is the fact that how you carry yourself in front of her and make your date successful.

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