A How-to-guide On Returning Your Kindle e-Book

Its obvious that you can return a unread printed book to the store for refund but can you return an eBook that too which is in kindle version? Well kindle books are read by many and known for the options one can have with the titles although major publishers don’t yet are available on kindle but picture this, you just downloaded an eBook on your kindle. The title seems interesting and the reviews for the eBook are also good so you trusted the book enough to buy it but after going through some pages you found the book dull and and not so charming as you felt it would be. You think “What do I do now?” “Do I delete the book as that would at least save up the space if not the money?”

A How-to-guide On Returning Your Kindle e-Book

If you are in this situation you would be tempted to call Kindle customer service but don’t! I have better news for you! Amazon provides you seven days from the time of purchase of your eBook to return it and get an imbursement. You also get refund for reasons such as an accidental purchase made by a child or any other family member.

The Procedure..

To get a refund, you need to access your Amazon account and reach to the “Manage Your Content and Devices” page at  https://www.amazon.com/mycd. After the above procedure you will your content list. There find the name of the eBook that you want to return for a refund and then choose three-dot actions button right next to the title.

Then choose return from the list . A popup would appear  where you will have to choose a reason for return and then just click the return for refund button then you would have confirmed the return. Once you return your book. You lose access to to the book in the library.

Gift Refund Options

Amazon even gives you the option for returning a book that was a gift. You have the option for returning it for a gift card. Just open the email from Amazon notifying you about the gift. Click the link to redeem the book and enter the claim code. Then chose “Learn how this works or exchange for gift credit” this would cancel the book and the book’s amount would get collected as credit.

But don’t expect too much

Although Amazon refunds for you ebook if returned within seven days but Amazon Doesn’t

Returns and in that matter refunds for downloadable games, software or Android apps. Although there are certain exceptions. You also can not expect to get refund for downloaded content from Amazon Digital service or Amazon video store.

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