What To See During Your First Visit To Boston

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If you are fascinated by American colonial history, or even the Revolutionary War, you have definitely either already been to Boston, or are dreaming of visiting. The capital of Massachusetts, founded in 1630, is more than famous for the role it has played in American history.

On the other hand, if you are a scholar looking to do research at Harvard or MIT, you should also find some time to explore the city and all of its historic and cultural beauty.

Because in fact, Boston is a dream come true for those who come to visit. There are historical sites to marvel at on every corner, the public transportation system is amazing, if you prefer to ride than to walk, and you are sure to find something of interest while you are visiting.

If you are contemplating a visit to Boston, here is a short list of the places you must not miss during your first stay.

What To See During Your First Visit To Boston

The Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail and its three miles will take you past 16 of the most famous monuments in Boston. It is easily recognizable by the red bricks that distinguish it. It is great as a starting place for your tour: you will be able to visit the Old Granary Burying Ground, the final resting place of Samuel Daniels and Paul Revere, the Old South Meeting House, where the Boston Tea Party started, as well as the Old State House. You should take a brochure from the Boston Common with you, and read up on all the history surrounding the places you are walking past.

Boston Common

The Freedom Trail, as you now know, begins at the Boston Common, the oldest park in the US. It is an experience to be had in itself, especially in winter, when you can go skating at the Frog Pond. It is also amazing in the spring, when you should make sure to stop by the Public Garden. You can also ride in the Swan Boats on the lake, and enjoy this century-long tradition of Bostonians.


The University of Harvard is the oldest institution of higher education in the United States, founded back in 1636. It is today one of the best places to study at in the world, a part of the Ivy League. Even if you are not here to enroll, you should visit the campus and mingle with some of the bright minds that gather there. You should also visit the Art Museums, where you can marvel at some of the Kandinsky they have on display.

What To See During Your First Visit To Boston

Fenway Park

The home of the Red Sox is a modern-day temple you simply have to visit while in Boston. Even if you are not a fan of baseball, America’s Most Beloved Ballpark is home to energy you can’t afford to miss. It was opened in 1912, and has since been modernized several times, but has retained some of its old-school charm, like the hand-operated scoreboard. If you are looking to watch the Sox play, you should definitely book a ticket several months in advance. Believe it or not, Fenway Park is the smallest of all the Major League stadiums, so tickets sell out quite quickly.

Boston Harbor

The harbor is nothing like the famous Boston Harbor that has played such a significant part in colonial history, but is still a place you need to see. You can walk down HarborWalk, from the waterfront to the parks and cafes that now line in, and have access to the water. If you are a history buff, you will surely visit the Boston Tea Party Ship, a replica of the 1773 original, made infamous by the Sons of Liberty. If you are a true enthusiast, you can even participate in a reenactment of the event. You can also choose to take a cruise from Rowes Wharf, and enjoy a meal on the water.

The Museum of Fine Arts

You can’t leave Boston without a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts and the collection it is home to. You should start with the Impressionists, and check out the American Wing as well, where there are some great pieces on display every year. The Egyptian wing is also very interesting, where you have to take a snap near the Minoan Snake Goddess.

There is so much more to Boston than we have listed – make sure to make the most of your visit, and enjoy your time in this glorious city!

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