Why Go Green Is Important For Metropolitan Lifestyle!

Why Go Green Is Important For Metropolitan Lifestyle!

Imagine about the park, which is nearby from your home is without green trees and grass. It’s not an appealing image. Green space has played an important role not only in the life of human beings but also in the life of other living beings.  Many types of research and studies reveal the benefits of green spaces and now many real estate developers start following this concept in their residential projects.

Developments in real estate have become a big challenge for many sectors to preserve the green surroundings as well as realty. Upholding the ecosystem is the first and only priority would facilitate keeping a fine balance of real estate development and supporting green living which is needs of the hour. It is very clear that having green surroundings offers us excellent living, in addition to it makes us able to inhale fresh air.

As we all know the rising population leads to the decrease the natural resources and environment gets impacted finally. That is why it is very essential for everybody to play their role (no matter big or small) to keep the stability of rising population and green surrounding. So, it is everybody’s responsibility to keep greenery around our home as much as possible. We all need a home, but the greenery is most important to make life full of happiness and pleasure. After considering all such conditions & facts almost every reputed developer in Delhi NCR, promising a dedicated part for the greenery in their residential & commercial projects to give you a feeling of luxury in the middle of nature. Now we are describing some advantages of living in Green Surrounding.

Privacy and Serenity. In any residential community, a wall of green trees on the periphery offers privacy and serenity by cutting hectic traffic noises and reducing glare from high beam lights. As well as green surrounding encourage the people to go for walk and cycling and this is very good for health.

Low Crime Rate and High Confidence. A long time study revealed that communities and prisons with green landscapes were experiencing a positive increase in confidence, self-respect and a decrease in crime rate in comparison to others.

Reduction of the stress level. Many articles on the topic of “Green surrounding & Behavior” indicates that- children who live in the midst of the green surroundings are more active, think clearly and take a fast & exact decision and deal with more efficiently with life’s stress.

Green spaces for better health. This statement needs not any evidence because with current lifestyle and lack of greenery we already suffer from many Health’s related issues. Greenery around your home can maintain your blood pressure, tension, stress, controls the feeling like anger & violent behavior.

Green Landscapes supports community living. According to studies conducted by many residential developments, residents of residential projects with extensive green spaces and many other green features like water bodies, reported that they knew their neighbors better, spend quality time with them regularly, had positive feelings of the neighborhood and felt more secure than did the inhabitants of only concrete towers. Mahindra Lifespaces residential project Mahindra Luminare at Sector 59 Gurgaon is exactly offering the same for the home seekers who appreciate luxury and green living.

Why Go Green Is Important For Metropolitan Lifestyle!

Excellent recovery speeds after surgery. Surgeons have shown that patients recover faster in the hospitals with a green neighborhood, sooner than in the metropolis.


These day’s especially in the big metropolises, there are only a few lucky people who live with or near the green surroundings and actually knows the taste of – eye catching a view of the green, chirping birds, pollution free air and fragrance of flowers.  Green neighborhood not only makes us fit from physically and mentally but also make our towns and regions more beautiful places to live and work.

As a human being or a citizen, we need to connect this mission to bring and maintain greenery in parks, green belts on the side of the roads and many other open spaces like this. Even as State & Central Government play an important role in creating & maintaining green, but they cannot do the task alone. We have to step forward and help the administration by maintaining the parks/ green spaces in our neighborhood.

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