Why Delhi Is A Good Option To Attend UPSC Coaching Classes?

Delhi is one of the most developed and coveted cities in the country. The national capital is famous for its food, lifestyle and top class coaching institutes for the preparation of different competitive exams. Whether it is a medical entrance exam, engineering entrance exam or civil services exam, the city has numerous coaching institutes for all.


The reputed coaching institutes in the city have been guiding thousands of students for years and helping them achieve their goals. Some of the top civil services coaching institutes like Vajiram and Ravi have been setting benchmarks every year by helping students score top ranks. They are highly professional and deliver what is promised.  Not just the initial coaching for Prelim and Mains exams, the institutes also help the candidates perform well in the personal interviews with PI sessions.

This is not just the only reason that draws the attention of the students. There are various other factors, which attract thousands of candidates and inspire them to come to the city to take coaching for UPSC exams. Here are the top five factors that make Delhi coaching institutes the first choice of students looking for effective coaching for UPSC exam preparation.

Infrastructure: The first thing that entices the students to come to the city for coaching is its amazing infrastructure. Be it the transportation system, facilities at the coaching institutes or other features for a smooth life, everything is available in Delhi. Good transportation system saves time from being wasted on traveling to coaching institutes located in far flung areas.

Not just the city, coaching centers here also have world-class infrastructure in terms of books, UPSC exam study material, seating arrangement and the recreational facilities to make learning enjoyable for the students.

Education Pattern: Coaching centers in Delhi ensure overall development of the students with their rigorous exam preparation methods and regular classes. Some of the coaching centers have different sessions for each subject. Some institutes also conduct problem-solving sessions to help the students get a solution for their problems and get expertise at the most crucial topics. Delhi has top class educational institutions like AIMS, IIT, and Delhi University etc. which attract top students from all across the country.

Experienced teachers: Coaching institutes hire highly qualified teachers who have working experience in their respective fields. They have deep rooted knowledge and clarity of the facts related to the subject they are teaching. Prominent institutes like Vajiram and Ravi have teachers who have either worked as professors or have served the nation as IAS, IPS or at other similar profiles in civil services.

Test Programs: Civil Services exam preparation institutes in Delhi offer high-quality test series to help the student evaluate their preparation level and make required improvements. Coaching institutes in the city have dedicated teams to keep an eye on the changing exam patterns and prepare the test series accordingly. Further, students also get choices to take the mock tests as per their convenience. They can either order the test series to take the exam at home or can visit the coaching center to take the exam in a real-time environment.

Study material and advanced teaching methodologies: Coaching institutes in Delhi have the most updated study material designed as per the present examination patterns. Institutes hire experts to do quality research and study the present examination patterns to prepare helpful study material for the students.

Not just the study material but the teaching methodology is better organized in Delhi when compared with the coaching centers in any other city. They use innovative teaching tools like online support, working models and charts to make the classes more engaging and beneficial for the students.

These are some of the features, which encourage students to live in Delhi for their UPSC exam preparation. But to ensure that you get optimum benefit in terms of quality study material, teacher support and test series, you should always take admission in a reputed coaching institute with a strong track record.

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