Are Today's Software Testing Systems Developed Enough To Keep Up With Demand?

Are Today's Software Testing Systems Developed Enough To Keep Up With Demand?

Stop and think about how often you encounter software in your daily life. If you drive a newer car, chances are it has software that helps diagnose problems and may even send you emails. You more than likely have a smartphone that has dozens, if not hundreds, of software applications. In other words, we encounter software throughout our days in various shapes and forms. With so much software running our lives, how do software companies keep up? This question is even more important for software testing. Are today’s software testing systems developed enough to keep up with demand?

Are Today's Software Testing Systems Developed Enough To Keep Up With Demand?

Why Current Software Testing Structures Are Holding Companies Back

Software companies now have the technology to quickly release software. This is not only due to the high demand for apps, but the ability to have ideas developed sooner through freelance designers. While it’s quicker to build software, the lack occurs with old-fashioned software testing. A company can no longer depend on one group of testers to test all their products. There is simply too much work and not enough staff. For example, if a company is developing 20 titles per month and has a group of 10 testers that need to spend 20 hours on each title, you can quickly see how the buildup would occur.

What Can Companies Do to Improve?

According to the website ITWeb, companies can greatly improve their system by having teams work together. Instead of having the development team and the testing team, the teams should work together throughout the process. Software products should be tested as they’re developed, not after the title is complete. This allows problems to be solved faster and more efficiently.

Is Automation the Answer?

Companies also need to automate as much of the software development process as possible. When a company automates, they are able to free up resources and devote those resources to important tasks. One way automation is occurring is companies are turning to crowd sourcing to get some tasks done. This clears up work for dedicated workers so that more important tasks can be completed.

Software companies are growing by leaps and bounds, but the old method of testing software may not be adequate for the future. Companies need to find ways to have both teams work together so there’s less work at the end. They can also speed up the process by automating as many tasks as possible. Whatever path is taken, it has to be a different one. Software companies will not be able to grow and compete unless they make changes to improve their system.

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