Cher Park – Designer From Heart

Cher Park - Designer From Heart

LA based clothing brand has created a niche in the industry due to its brand and quality. The owner of the brand, Poprageous  was introduced by Patricia, who liked Black Milk Clothing but finally decided to make her own legging brand. There was a secret behind a pair of leggings; the waistband is good, and the fabric is shiny and stretchy.

Cher Park - Designer From Heart
Cher Park is very down to earth, a Korean American, who lives in Los Angeles, CA and holds a bachelor’s degree in Cornell University. She worked in a finance company in NYC before she has returned to LA as she loves to work in fashion industry. She has worked in Shoe Dazzle and forever 21s headquarters  where she could create her own clothing brand and run on its own. She has bought some fabric and attempts to cut a pattern,  sew it and posted it to Black Milk California group to show the product. She has got positive reviews and finally, got positive reviews that ask to make a product for them also. She used new ideas and decided to quit her full-time job and created a base of 15,000+ people on Facebook and over 31000+ followers on Instagram.

Cher got a message from the client about buying a pair of leggings which were out of stock and when she can get it back in here too. She was nice enough to send a message, and she will get it soon. She told the balance between craziness and achieving things in reasonable manner so the people would be attracted towards the brand. She wanted to see the attractive pair for her client base and takes attention to choosing the fabric and color. However, apart from money, it was here interest toward work as she was very excited to do the work that helps to create a pair of leggings which were out of stock and were little works of art. She gave me the stories and about how to chose those prints and she was very excited to see that she is trying to provide her clients the quality material apart from making a sole aspect of making money.

The necessity of people and work upon criticism is crucial that will only give an idea to improve. Someone who owns the company would like to view the people’s work and see the beauty of a design. So, the criticism would help to compare the clothing with the appreciated clothing lines and would help to review the work and make necessary amendments.

So, there was a discussion with Poprageous and the upcoming plans for the coming season. They talked about the customer fees and shipping cost and how to avoid the unnecessary charges and how to make the Poprageous to grow in the upcoming seasons. One who meets can tell that Cher is a fantastic person, and Poprageous is in incredible hands. She knows that what is her intake from world and how to take  good care of her work. She carries her team work well and takes them to the fashion world. This step has been taken to keep them ahead in the fashion world. If someone is taking good care of the team and then tries to make the work that no one can copy. She tries to get things out of her tries to get things out of her way and  plans to get things done in a manner in which she can do it efficiently. If anyone who complains about her pieces looking similar or identical to Black Milk that they shouldn’t complain because Black Milk’s original pattern is not actually design from iStock or fabrics from stores in the city like Spandex House.

Author Biography:

Cher Park is Founder & CEO at POPRAGEOUS , arranged in Los Angeles, California. She got her education from Cornell university and takes an enthusiastic eagerness for craftsmanship and famous society, which is clear in her work. Cher Park can be followed on social networking sites at Twitter , Pinterest and Instagram.

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